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Monday, February 27, 2006

Is this VJing?

Don't know how to go on writing about this article, but I hope I get some encouragement on this, though I don't think so.
Saw this Ad on Vindia and thought that I'll just check this out. Saw really good looking girls and popular Channel V VJ's in really skimpy clothes. I was frustrated a little on seeing this. Is this what is left for the future? I mean TV shows should have better talking skills rather than stripping off amost everything..These girls are nowhere near to what Cyrus broach or other like Ranveer and Nikhil Chinappa are. This article required some courage because a lot will not agree that Mandira Bedi too went a little too far during the cricket world cup 2004. Did she have enough knowledge to talk about the game to the whole Indian audience? that too for the world cup? Many people watched Extra Innings... for a variety of wrong reasons and they couldn't be stopped because they were just listening to the critics about the game.. Is this the future??

The world of future

everything is getting leaner,
everyone is getting meaner

life is getting expensive,
people are taken for granted

humanity is decreasing,
people are freezing

everything is getting leaner,
everyone is getting meaner

people die with great pomp and show,
still no one cares about the dying crow

so less is transparency,
everyone is naked

everything is getting leaner,
everyone is getting meaner

friendship is just a mutual tie-up,
brothers are breaking up

families are getting nano,
children are fast and professional

Is this the world we dreamt of?

everything is getting leaner,
everyone is getting meaner.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

NEW blog dedicated to my passion for cars

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Me, moi, myself

This is my pic taken by Swapnil at Yash's place....stylish eh?

IRA my darling neice

Isn't she sweet?????????


wanted to bitch about.. or rather dog about certain things.. please bear with me..
  • bloody don't know why am using bullets but want to keep out Mr.Chintan Ruparel and a certain Mr. Rohit Balan out of this from claiming that the point system is their style of writing...
  • don't wanna study, ot in a mood.. last year at this time was banging my head in frustration about HSC exams and happy it's finaaly over but not yet got into the groove of preparing for my second sem exams...
  • am listening to EVANASCENCE-bring to me life and getting inspired to write more.. bloody addictive songs... my taste is changing from dance number to head banging numbers.. the BMM effect i guess
  • am bored of reading the 10 ton marketing book and i think i should rather wait for someone like MJ to prepare notes and write stuff and put it on the blog...
  • life is so boring if there's no college
  • blogging is becoming a part of my daily routine...
  • another part of my daily routine is to play CS-sondition zero and just murder the frags, kill kill kill... just ain't enough
  • i think i must have killed over 4000 over the past 4 months.. thats good for a rookie considering i play 4 bots in each side to beat
  • my friend's got an old matiz as a gift from his grandpa and he's just got his license... he's giving me a compulsory free ride.. might be my last article..
  • music is good yaar.. listening to heaven by DJ sammy.. lovely track guys..
  • my dad wants me to increase my height by a couple of inches before letting me join a gym... most of my paltry has started hanging out in gyms.. so crucifyingly irritating
  • my cell does not have radio... can't enjoy quality music also.......
  • thinking of going on the terrace and peeking into other's homes.. but i feel guity after doing that..
  • just got news my neice is ill... she's the cutest darling i have ever met and according to my sis she's 2 months ahead (as in learning fast to walk,talk etc.) than other kids... these 21st century kids i tell u....
  • i'll put in a pic 4 u
  • i'm bored of elaborating on these points....
  • rang de basanti is a gud movie and roobaroo is the best song... my neice loves the song too... she sings aaaaaeeee chaaaaaaalaaa after the guy... aye saalaaaa.... cute man..
  • my mouse is rather bad.. wanted to buy a sasta samsung optical mosue.. got it for 400 and its showing.. the buttons all are all screwed...
  • want a better PC.. this is so crucifyingly slow......
  • if u read further down u will find more of such RUBBISH
  • i'm bored of telling my friends to cal me to mulund when they are hanging out.. still get ignored.. bloody no one cald me on tuesday not even mihir....
  • by the way the guy is good.. saaala keeps standing up for everyone....innocent fool...
  • want to write about some more things but.. jaane de.. so i'll end here....
  • by the way my shower is screwed and some soap went into my eye...indicated i'm gonn have a really bad day...
  • saala the LAN connection just got cut... sify sucks...
  • here's my cute neice for u.. u deserve to look at her cute pic after so much of torcher..

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

an after thought....

the story was of friendship and how jealousy affects friendship
there were a few things special about the story
1. the story had conversations and narrations, nothing else
2. the story is true but it has my version and a lil bit of added things

THE THIRD special POINT lies in the story...
it is for the reader to figure out..
try and side out the special thing abt it
(hint: Inspired from 2 marathi families)

1+1=11 (part 3)

Litap keeps his promise to his Bhabhi and gives her a loan of 2 lacs, but doesn't let Hkumhsed know who the financer was..

The guy starts with analysing emeralds and sapphires.... and slowly begins to provide his family with money...
He establishes a name in the market and people start trusting his skill... He starts polishing diamonds, cuts them and sells them.. within 3 to 4 years he becomes able enough to open his own jewellery store.. He becomes responsible and also stops drinking because he becomes free of his worries... His family rises from Rags to Riches...

But he still doesn't hold a good opinion about Litap, he always thinks that Litap was a foe in the disguise of a friend and they still move away from each other in social circuits and parties.

Meanwhile Litap goes down a bit and his lifestyle changes, he remains well enough due to his heridated wealth but his own identity was in danger...

" I think it is time I told you about Litap."
"Eh... what about him?"
"He has been good to us all along and you've never even cared to enquire about them. A friend in need is a friend indeed."
" Ah so now he needs my help and he's approaching me from you? Do i need to learn morals from you?"
" No you don't need to, but he's been with us all along and he loves Ithknap and Nahor too.. Atleast now you should not be jealous of him."
"Jealous? Who's jealous?"
"It was him who helped us in the first place..."
"Help? are you telling me he's helped us? What did he do for us? gone aound telling everyone that I was good for nothing? Taunted me for not working? For laughing behind my back? Is that what you call help?"
"No... .... ... He ...errr...No.. I've got to say it now.... He was the one who helped us in our time of need... He was the Financer!"

Hkumhsed was shocked and for a few days he didn't want to show his face to anyone. He was too embarassed to face Litap. But eventually he did and then he also helped his friend whole heartedly....They both teamed up and did business together and now are the leading families in the town...

1+1=11 (part 2)

"Please help me, I don't know what to do with him. My hands have gone sore cooking Rotis whole day and still the income is just enough to keep us alive. I'm disgusted with this man, he does nothing the whole day and at night wants me to give him my day's income so that he can go and get his wine. When will our worries end? I've lost hope totally and I don't know what to do. Itknap and Nahor have no future, their school fees is due and I don't think they will be allowed to give exams this year. I think suicide will be the best option for me didi."
"Don't worry God will take care of everything," wipes her tears.

Just then Litap walks in and sees tears in the eyes of his Bhabhi. He loves his Bhabhi and respects her as he knows what she has gone through and how strong a woman she is.

"Why dont you ask him to start something? He is an able man and still doesn't wanna do anything, what reason does he give?"
"He says I don't want to work under anyone and after that he always get disgusted and walks out of the house. In the morning he repents misbehaving with his family and apologises but to repeat the same later in the day. What should I do now Litap ji? I'm in despair, Ive come to you to pull me out of this quicksand..."
"Why don't you ask him what he likes? Or what he wants to do independently? Rather than waste his time in thinking he can make a quick buck let him do something that interests him."
"Yes but where will the finance come from anyway to start something? We are in ruins Litap ji"
"Don't you worry Bhabhiji I will finance your husband but only if he comes up with something good this time, I promise."
"Thank you Litap ji, maybe there is light at the end of this tunnel for us, I will ask him tonight if he wants to do something, I' leave now, kids must have come home. Thank you again Litap ji, you are the only one who understands my state."
"Its ok Bhabhiji, I'm also worried about Itknap and Nahor, they must continue studying."

That night she prepared herself to talk to Hkumhsed and also decided that she will do something about this sorry situation she was in.

"Aoy, Give me some money!"
"So what work do you want to do?"
"Don't act smart, you can't get over this topic, can you?"
"NO! Today I want an answer! I'm frustrated with this life and I want it to end now."
"aaaahhh, these women... I have told you the market will go up this week, maybe we can do something about it.."
"NO, I want an answer today or you get nothing, you want to work independently don't you? I've got a financer."
I want to work, I have so many ideas in my mind, I want to start a jewellery shop but this will take too much finance, where will you arrange that from? Have you taken to prostitution?"
"Shut up! And mind your tongue you drunkard, I'm doing this for my kids, Hail Unhsiv!"
" So who's going to finance me? I'm already in debts.."
"Don't u care, but are you willing to devote your time to work hard?"
"ya ya now give me some money!"

This is the current situation of almost all households in small towns.. the wife has to bear it all for the husband, because she is nothing without her husband. Divorces here are rare and seldom talked about.. they would rather die than divorce. Here a rich friend is helping his friend and his Bhabhi to manage terms with life...

Monday, February 20, 2006

1+1=11 (part 1)

Litap said to Hkumhsed .. why don't u go and work somewhere to atleast take care of yourself, is that too much for you??
Hkumhsed yawned and sternly looked at Litap.. glanced at his watch and looked disgusted...
"Eh, you had to wake me up early you.. you.. ah ferget it... bloody hell...$!#*&"
"Work u pesty little idiot" or else this time too you will have to beg for grains from Ednap!"
"f*#k o#* I don't care a damn, ah!! see what you've done here, you've made me spill my tea."
"Anyways Hkumhsed, it was my duty and the interest of my father to have a check on you but as usual you seem uninterested.. so be it."
"yea!! now move it, go get yourself some shit from that Epajnarap who does nothing but bosses you around... I'd better commit suicide than listen to that piece of mustard layered s**t!!"
"Atleast I don't dream of making millions and bet on the share market like there's no tomorrow, Bhabhiji give some of your wit to him too.." saying so Litap left....

Litap is the good guy of my story, yes the protagonist, but he ain't so good that he could bear insults on his face and still manage to help others.. He is a guy who will go mighty low even below his dignity to help people.. but his had gone too far...

Litap's father and Hkumhsed's father were best friends and now Hkumhsed's father was not alive to correct his only son who was failing everywhere even to earn his daily bread.. Meanwhile Hkumhsed's wife was able enough to earn herself and her family atleast a sufficient meal twice a day by making tiffin's in the area providing near-by office goers their lunch. Hkumhsed had lost everything almost his house too in trading shares... he still believes his luck will shine some day...

NOW the story starts...

Friday, February 17, 2006

Tall boy vs Low beauty


Was too convinced that this is the car for my family and somehow convinced my dad to buy a HYUNDAI Santro instead of the trusted MARUTI Zen and am now repenting on the issue. Here’s the catch between the two trusted cars in the Indian market.

Maruti boasts of a complete spread of dealer network around the whole country whereas Hyundai though a growing company has select dealers across the country.
Maruti Zen the competent in our case with Hyundai Santro sits low and thus has more stability at a higher velocity
Zen achieves speeds of more than 100 much more easily than Santro- a basic need for highways where the buyer might want a better riding car.
Santro starts vibrating at speeds of 120 and 130 as though its on 160 and 170 kmph
The centre of gravity for Santro is at a higher level than Zen, this is very bad for Indian roads. I realized that when there are uneven roads the whole backside of the Santro jumps and shifts aside if the speed is about 50 kmph or more. Very dangerous for a mid-sized car, maybe better car analysts will agree.
Santro when the engine starts getting old starts giving lesser mileage. As for Zen, it delivers a consistent performance.
A plus point for Santro is that it has better handling and a much smoother pick-up and is a true champion on city roads better than Zen for sure.
My verdict: if anyone of you reading this goes to buy a car, do pay a heed to other car analysts as well.

Note: Some of the flaws seen in Santro exist in Wagon R too.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I was in for a rude shock today, had never thought that it would be like this but i swear i will always avoid local train travel in future particularly during these peak hours. A trip to Phoenix mills though alone was always meant to be fun but the trouble started when i decided to come back. The trains were literally fucked up, i mean how much population does Mumbai have? It was like total chaos and i left one train thinking i would wait for another. But it was ridiculous to see humans trying to get into the train like herds of sheep being flocked together. From Currey road I wanted to get down at Kurla and i got screwed big time. Just couldn't imagine that instead Kurla would mean more people trying to barge in rather get out. The scene was actually funny, some people blaming the government, some blaming the BIHARIS ( the shiv soldiers), some blaming their own fate and some cursing their own freaked out lives. Still i thought India is the best and there can be no place like India where in you can relish on a Rs. 3 vada pav and go home stomach full.
The solution lies in the problem itself
1. More boggies should be attached in one train.
2. Currently there are trains in 4 minutes during peak hours which should be slashed by half.
4. Stop abusing people from other regions.
5. Other states should also have a city like Mumbai.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Irfan Pathan

Still considered a kid i think this guy has got some Guts man... he sure is the future captain of India i can say. To my belief i think this guy has never underperformed. Every singlematch his contribution has been evident and i couldn't just bear to see that today his effort went in vain when Pakistan(unceremoniously?) wonthe first ODI. I am so grieved by this that can't gulp any food down. i did not like the way PAkistan won the game, they literally ran off the field when offered light but had it been that India would be winning they would have stayed on the field till they would have died-Rascals. I admire Irfan Pathan who has silently taken the all-rounder's burden and still manages to be modest.Indiaafter a long time have found agenuine all-rounder in this guy. He after Kapil Dev is the only guy who comes in at any position to bat and can also ball great In swinging yorkers. Insipidly thoughI think media still hasn'thyped this kidthat much. I mean what are they waiting for "RAINS"??

Friday, February 03, 2006


well what used to be one of the most feared names at one point of time is now in ruins somewhere even where GOD must have been bored enough and given up. Hiding in deserts under 45 degree temperatures and still managing to run from the American soldiers (assuming he's still in afghanistan) is not an easy job.we as Indians think of him as one of the worst ever terrorists who used Jihad as a weapon to procure a part of India. Kashmir issue wasn't as big as these people have now made it using the sentiments of the youth. Pride and loving sentiments toward one's country have been altered and used to carry out the plans of politicians who want to stay in power. Mr. pervez Musharraf once said in an interview that"No politician can survive in Pakistan if he drops the Kashmir issue."Somewhat i think the military rule has been prevailing in Pakistan due to the fact that a lot of hype towards Pakistani soldiers and their sacrifices were used as terror weapons and india was targetted for procurrment of land which could never be theirs. I personally think that the war between countries has to be there. the feelings of the people come out through these wars and the Ravans are killed.what do we as Indians first think of Osama?someone who funds terrorist organisation and someone who keeps the agitation going, someone who disturbs the peace of two countries so easily as if breaking a Koala nut(with due respect to Okonkwo).I mean to say.. break the jinx of a normal Indian and think out of the way.. what if this guy would have been born in INDIA, imagine the qualities he has. he sure would have been a threat to Lalu Prasad Yadav and that i am sure. Imagine how he convinces a thousnad people in their teens to sacrifice their life. think about the guy convincing numerous people to keep their personal lives on hold and fight for what they don't even properly know about. The training camps near the borders of India and Pakistan are said to be the most snsitive parts where in one call for Jihad inspires a thunderous crowd.for those who've seen 911 documentary this guy is seem to be linked with the current President of the most powerful country in the world right now and no one has been able to do anything about it. i mean to say think about the guy making billions of dollars in his oil fields in IRAQ and then funding this money to the youth of pakistan. think about his character outline. a guy in his twenties from a country like Afghanistan which has 90% of the land as a desert coming to a position where in he challenges the republic of the USA!I seriously admire the guts of this guy. he sure seems a weirdo, but when you think of the cause he's fighting for you get the different idea.
let me explain you a little on how Jihad started. Jihad was actually a term used in Urdu and Arabic as a term for revolution and was picked from the holy 'Quran'. in the Quran it was mentioned that a revolution will come which will make all people of the earht believe in religion and god. but the term never meant:1. procurring of land.2. to save one's religion or force it on someone else.3. to give your life for your motherland4. to follow religion and even kill someone for it
But what Osama (first time m taking his name correctly) has done is altered the facts to his advantage. he was in his childhood subject to everyday lectures on how his religion is in Danger from the christians. fromt the people who wanted to create a drift of population towards christianity. those people who never admired equality or even practised it, people who felt the skin colour was more important than humanity and people who considered themselves superior though they were at a much worse situation a few decades back.the attrocities these people have done on Philipinos, vietnamese and currently Iraqis are unforgivable and someone, someone with the skills like that of Osama needed to tell them that they could also infiltrate their home base and shocked the whole world. i was one of the happiest people who still thinks that the Americans who never stop creating a rift between India and Pakistan are a bigger threat to the security of the nation than once our brothers- The pakistanis .Hats off to Osama and i hope sometime in my life i get a glimpse of this guy.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

accros the heart...

such stories often touch your heart somewhere and you might think about it the whole day but i hope the way i told it, the story though a little on the emotional side will bring the satisfaction that the sister's soul rests in peace after so much of pain she bore for her brother. such people who see life beyond their selfish cause often go to heaven. and those who actually work for the motherland, i believe they are the ones who attain 'MOKSHA' in the sense freedom from rebirth, freedom from the worldly matters. I have heard God gives oppurtunity to everyone to come back on the right track and redeem their lost reason to question, they say the Understanding of the human brain is the maximum and atttaining this form in itself is not less than a miracle.