Rhythm of the Music is Life's only Motivation

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thrilling Run

Time - 08:46
Location - My house
Newspaper over... time to rush over to brush my teeth and shave.. shoudn't take more than 5 mins, I simultaneously put the water to heat, its gonna be a close call so I better not waste even a min, I quicly decide what to wear and call out to mom to serve breakfast.

Time - 08:52
Location - Still My house
Done with bathing and wearing my shirt oh why are there so many buttons... anyways "where's my belt where's my socks" I cry out to ma. I realise she's already ready with her part... I quickly comb my hair n rush to the pooja room.

Time - 08:54
Location - Puja room in my house
Done with a quick prayer one more quick glance at the watch as I am rushing to the living room (No No cant miss it I dont wanna be late)
So i rush towards my bread butter and jam and the milk.. milk barely takes 30 seconds.. I leave out the hard crust of the bread so that I can chew fast and save those precious seconds as I munch the bloody thing down.

Time - 09.00
Location - Door of my house
Quickly I run with my socks wear my shoes and jump to touch my mother's feet, done with everything I take the mobile phone off charging and scram down the stairs with loud thuds. I rush towards the auto stand and take the worst auto ever... Why god why me all the time?

Time 9.04
Location - The rickshaw
I am usually the first customer of the day so the rickshaw isn't warm yet or whatever, he will slowly realise the customer is already sitting in and raring to go but then he keeps the newspaper aside, wishes a goodbye to his fellow chatter boxes and then starts the auto..1 isn;t enough 2... 3 and vrooom (as if its already on 40kmph)
Then inspite of me having already told him I need to go urgently to the station I have to tell him "Jaldi" and then he nods his head. Takes me almsot 60 seconds to the reach the main road would've taken me 23.45 seconds in my santro... then from far off I can see the signal just turned green... am already praying... the signal goes to 150 seconds if not less if it goes red again...

Time - 9.07
Location - The Hot rickshaw
The rickshaw gears into the fourth gear... barely reeaching 25kmph it starts to tremble... the food in my tummy is on a roll digesting at a faster pace due to the shake and trembling I can barely hear anything else than the engine roar. 8...7..6... blinker 5 blinker 4 and horning through the intersection we make it through to the other side just in time.
The Highway is the next obstacle as we reach it its almost 9.09 but still not exact as I wait for the signal to turn green we pass then through the centre one lane and go to the station. I realise and I don't have the time to take the whole u turn so i tell him to halt before the turn give him the change and jump aside on the other side to run.

Time - 9.10:30
Yea just a minute and a half left as I run towards the platform from outside grabbing hold of my pants and my bag looking at other ppl rushing to make it. A couple of chics heaving up n down (best part).
Yea I just rush and the train makes the final noise as I reach for the 9.12 Vashi starting and as soon as I get in a couple of ppl from behind push me aside and the train starts.

Phew another day at work lies ahead.