Rhythm of the Music is Life's only Motivation

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Don't watch Krish, Need I say more??? Rather watch PAYCHECK starring Ben Affleck and Uma Thurman... I think u can rent the cd for 30 bucks

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

PM's visit to Mumbai

So our beloved Prime Minister agreed on inaugrating the economic capital of India's Metro Railway Project and he pays the dear city a much awaited visit. The roads were cleaned of the filthy dirt, the filthy pollution, the filthy traffic, the filthy signals, the filthy people..

I wish the PM had made a more longer visit than just passing by in his Imported BMW. Maybe he didn't even see his countrymen. Maybe the inaugration was very important, what am I saying?? It will be another huge mega-crore deal project to make Mumbai a city of dreams. The PM's dream of having better railway. Mr. Turban-ator, have you ever travelled in the Mumbai locals??? Oh how would you know that everyday 40 lakh odd people use it to reach their desired destination. Maybe this city's traffic havaldars will rob us off our money in bribes, Maybe another 26/7 deluge will hit us tomorrow.

Sir, only want to say that if you have four cars around for your safety and a rally of 30 odd cars around your automatic then you will only notice the malls and the mills not the slums. Maybe you should dig deep now and invesigate why Mumbai is not yet Shanghai.

My highest regards to you. I will respect your decision, if it maybe burdening us with heavy Quotas, heavy fuel prices or heavy sales taxes. But let me tell you sir, this country is not ours anymore.

Monday, June 19, 2006


Now, finally the days of long wait are over. We begin with the second innings of our graduation and I'm so very excited. People have been saying ki "bhai third year mein toh bohot padhai hai,, toh tum second year mein sari kasar poori karlo." I agree.

So now the verdict is that I won't let the enthusiasm die down and I'll make this year - a year to remember all my life. With friends like Balan, Vasavda and other very very good friends, I think I'm gonna have a lot of fun. Though I will miss another good friend,(who thought changing college was fun) I can manage.

Anyways so let's hit the party floor guys!!

Friday, June 16, 2006


I don't know why life seems very glooooooomy.

As if on a standstill...

Really waiting for something to happen...

Or maybe I'm bored beyond par

If u think I'm gonna go on and write a poem..


I'lll end here.


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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Am just purely unhappy today...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Music to my ears!! (part 2)

Lets go down the memory lane...

(A couple of snapshots and some pics in black and white)

I remember till I was in KG I used to love this song called 'Papa kehte hain bada naam karega'. My love for the song was so much that one famous incident was that I heard the song on radio at a paan shop and started dancing there itself. My frequent visits owing to my parents loving the paan made me famous there. Then I used to play in my colony and some flick had someone saying 'I say chaps!!' and apparently I used to say it with a twinkle in my eye. So people used to love it. I used to say that atleast ten times a day.That made me famous.. quite literally considering that anyone from the school or even neighbouring colonies knew I was famous for it.
I was probably 4 years old now. I used to drink water from the tank straight, resulting in me contracting jaundice. Now I had this habit of not eating medicines( I still have it). So my dad usd to put the medicine in my paan. I pretty much understood even at that age that I was being forced to consume medicines in the pretext of sweet paan.
I have never eaten paan after that.

Then came the generation of Aamir, Sallu and Shahrukh music. My favourites were 'Pehla Nasha, ailo ji sanam hum aa gaye, yeh kaali kaali aankhen'. Those were the days of movies like Jo jeeta wohi sikandar, baazigar, andaaz apna apna. Me I was in say 2nd standard and I loved that music. It was also the period were Michael Jackson was on top( not that ways). His music was famous all over and his dance steps imitated by every known(or unknown) dancer.
Break dance yeah!!

I was in 5th and 6th then maybe when we got cable tv showing us SONY tv, STAR tv, Cartoon Network and M tv. It was like awesome guys.. I used to watch M tv select from the start. Those were the days when I fell in love with songs like Tragedy- Steps, Abba- Mama Mia and Britney- Hit me baby one more time and many more. That was the time when I was really into good music. Used to have a Hitachi(imported) hi-fi system which used to wake me and my sister up in the morning with awesome music.
Ah those days of pop music!!

Then it was 8th standard and Celine Dion with the Titanic track was hot on the music charts. But I was more into the tracks of movies like Mujhe kuch kehna hai and more and more of Hindi stuff. Sonu Nigam's Deewana was also brilliant. I think it was his best album till date. I also got myself a video game and we used to play soo many games. Then it was also the time when saas and bahus started rulin the charts and we were totally taken in awe by KBC.
Romantic beats beat the heat...

I was in 10th, year 2003 I had windows 98 and the best of music on my PC. I used to listen to Scatman, Lagaan, Las ketchup, Enrique and Adnan Sami. Yup that was the time when I really realised I loved all kinds of music. It just had to be in a good beat. I was in Roha ad its not more ta a village. Surrounded by hills on all four sides and a river running through its heart Roha was an awesome place. But never did I hear that anyone coud get radio waves on their set. Radio was becoming popular and three were 5 channels, 4 of them still running. Roha is 100 kms away from Mumbai and 130 kms away from Pune. There is a place in my room where If I usd to kee my SHARP deck system with its antenna pointing 135 degrees touching the marble frame of my room's window I used to get clear radio 93.9 radio mirchi(pune). I was a fan of it. I heard the whole world cup 2003 scores on that radio channel.
Oh my wonderful love, lucky me...

Then it was 2004, I was in 11th and livin my life alone in Mumbai on my terms and I was hooked to Enrique and DJ aqueel, DJ Suketu, Kal Ho Naa Ho and there were 7 radio channels running.
Brilliant competition in those channels and real good music both western as well as Indian were on a high. I used to listen to the radio for amost 12 hours a day. Thats a lot. I started studying listening only to music.
Ah those dance mixes!!

Now it was mid 2005 and in came the path breaking music Aashiq banaaya Aapne. I think that was a mind blasting song which gave this guy next door Himesh King-like success. Who's complaining? I mean not just one but all the songs were so cool that I couldn't help but listen to them till early 2006. Then came in another chart buster 'jhalak Dikhlaaja' and I really admire Himesh now. People hate him for his voice and maybe because of his sudden success but I still love his attitude and music. everyone now knows how big a fan I am of his. An even bigger fan would be my darling niece IRA. So its not just me yaar there are hundreds of them maybe lacs who still enjoy his ' I love you O sayonni'. I really think he will go a long way.
ek baar aaja aaja aaja....

Now I've got this new trance passion.. DJ TIESTO is the uncrowned king of trance... more from me on him later .

By the way it's part 2 because ' Allah ke bandeh has de...'

Monday, June 05, 2006

Made in Heaven????

A highly unpredictable institutuion of love is Marriage. Considering it as a tradition people now consider the marriage ceremony and a grand reception as a formality, which they pray and keep their fingers crossed, goes well. Now imagine the real motive behind a marriage, How a stupid guy gets so much motivation for sex that he takes an added responsiility of another human being for life.
Remember that when I say this I keep in mind that he has a 9 to 6 job, additional responsibilities of parents and sometimes even relatives. Apparently it is only the physical appearance force that drives the guy to such a one sided affair. It is after a long time that the person actually needs emotional support!!