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Monday, March 26, 2007

INTERNS - (part 1)

My first day

Amazing place... Percept owns almost the whole of Raghuvanshi Mills and has all its offices in there...

It takes me an hour and 15 mins and a sweaty face to reach to the office but from then on Its fun.The first official day was pretty cool literally seems the Ac's were by bluestar... every nook and corner was equally freezing. Met new people, nice gals and stuff and had fun overall. The work hasn't begun but its supposed to be fun dahlings so lets see. The hard work and my friends pushin my butt across to places finally payed off... thank you all!!

Especially Mr. Rohit Balan...(yet again)

The guy never gives up on me... keeps helping my lazy bones...

Yeah and all ya PYT's in the corporate world... I am here!!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

4th sem

seems the already jinxed 4th sem will end on a sour note.... Some stpid mistakes have led me to hate some people where they have gone ahead and done what I was fearing they would do. I was a tad unlucky though... I think I didnt deserve it. But I went silent through the whole issue because I was guilty.

right from the movie making thing I was a bit shocked by the behaviour of some ppl. lost a few friends; gained some too.

then a good bonding was going on until ppl took my case to the core when I made a small mistake and I'm now in two minds wat to do about things in the third year.

Seems my attitude needs an uplift....

I just hope exams go smoothly and there are no hiccups... want to end this sem as soon as possible... hav loads of work to do.