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Saturday, March 10, 2007

4th sem

seems the already jinxed 4th sem will end on a sour note.... Some stpid mistakes have led me to hate some people where they have gone ahead and done what I was fearing they would do. I was a tad unlucky though... I think I didnt deserve it. But I went silent through the whole issue because I was guilty.

right from the movie making thing I was a bit shocked by the behaviour of some ppl. lost a few friends; gained some too.

then a good bonding was going on until ppl took my case to the core when I made a small mistake and I'm now in two minds wat to do about things in the third year.

Seems my attitude needs an uplift....

I just hope exams go smoothly and there are no hiccups... want to end this sem as soon as possible... hav loads of work to do.


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