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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Guys have very less passions as compared to gals... that is what I think... I don't know if u have a different opinion...
Cars have always fascinated me... Right since the time my Papa owned a Fiat Padmini, I used to love cars... Maybe it was the car drive and the wonderful moments and long drives I've had in my car or maybe it was my dad driving - the most wanted and the most important position I have no clue. But the botomline is I can't live without cars.

Right since my childhood I've been collecting my size cars... the Hotwheels and the foreign made small specimen cars... the opening doors and the pull back-go action considered highly Advanced! You will not believe this but I have a collection of over a 100 cars and innumerable trucks, dummy soldiers, Lego kits etc. Basically I've been pampered a lot. Was showing a friend some of my old pics. My 1st Birthday with a pony tail tied at the back... my first the Arabian Sea (U'll never visit the Juhu Beach again will you?) and other such amazing moments. Got nostalgic.

Point is... my dad n mum have hidden many more cars and small trucks inside the I don't have the authority yet to touch it. It has mixer grinders and vaccum cleaners from Algeria (a French speaking nation) and things from London which can be given to me on my marriage. The main point here is... there are hidden cars and trucks for my kids as well....


I'm happy... my parents are amazing... by the way Ira plays with toy trucks too... Hope the passion with the cars comes in her too...

then I'll have a hot discussion about the 100 Bhp cars and the Ferraris and the Hondas...

I love cars.


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