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Thursday, October 19, 2006


Have discovered some spice in life due to various reasons....
Last year my diwali was very uneventful but thanks to some of my colony friends we made it an eventful night. Thanks guys. This Diwali has a lot in store for me(not gifts No No I'm saving Money). My parents are going out for 10 days. All of You are invited over to my place (no gals my neighbours are keeping a watch on me) . So according to popular logic that just leaves Guys and yes you can come over on any India Match, I have a big flat screen 29 inches Home theatre types and free goodies on every Australian wicket.... Aur kisi cheez ki umeed mat karna!!!
Anyways so I was on my Good Diwali topic... More spice coming into my life has been due to me just finding random good friends. Yes some of them are becoming close friends too! Other events on my list are Photography. Suddenly the love for photography has come into my life maybe its because of my super cell phone with a 2 mega pixel CAM. Real sharp images. Not many Questions remain unanswered in my life but I fail to understand this post by my co-blogger
plz sum it up for me.
Talking about Questions the tensions in my life are slowing down and fading away, though I have't got any interns yet I know what I seek in life and I don't need any special interns for them. Well yes working for R-ADAG would have been a great one but then I realise it wouldn't have been possible as said by that chic HR babe. She was damn cute but had nasty look on her face. I like such stylish chics for some weird reason. Spicy. If I don't talk about music in this post I'll leave a part of my life unaccounted. Since I want to account my life here on my blog I'll tell you I'm hooked to these two songs by Paris Hilton :
1)Nothing In this WOrld
2) Stars are Blind
She sounds relatively similar to J Lo and her music sounds the same too but still shs has a uniqueness of her own. Want to get some book in my hand and am thinking I'l stay away from an Ayn Rand book because it might just be waste of money even though loads of people have suggested me to read it. I'd rather read a Jeffrey Archer or something. Or just go back to my all time favourite Philip Kotler. Am I talking too much non-relevant stuff here? Well I am bored in these vacations and No I can't cook food to get busy. So there you go. Next movie I wanna watch is Don but I don't know why I also want to watch Naksha for the simple reason I think its a very different movie. If it doesn't come on Cable this saturday I'll bring a CD and watch it.
I'll leave you with a brilliant song

Bas ek pal
bas ek pal mein- 3

Tu ek baar jo pyaar se mujhsko chuley tho har zakhm bhar jayegaa,Zara ithzaa suun ke dewaane dilki mujhe aapne dilse lagaa...Tere pyaar mein aise jiyain hum,Jala hain yeh dil....yeh ankhen hue Nam - 2

Bas Ek Pal....... - 3

Hamare Khayalo mein Khwabaon mein yadhaon mein Bathaon mein rehthe ho tum,Badaake mein yeh haath chuna jo chahuin tho pal bar mein hothe ho Gum.Tere pyaar mein aise jiyain hum,Jala hain yeh dil....yeh ankhen hue Nam - 2

Bas ek pal mein- 3

Sunaah hain Mohabbath ki Thakdeer mein, Likhein hain andherein Ghanee,Thabi aaj Shayad Sitare Sabi zara saahi roshan hue...Mere haath ki in Lakeeron mein likhe abhi aur kithne... sitam,Khafaa Ho gayein hain kushi waqt sey ho rahein hain meherbaan Gam,Tere pyaar mein aise jiyain hum,Jala hain yeh dil....yeh ankhen hue Nam - 2

Bas Ek Pal....... - 6

Bas Ek Pal


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