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Sunday, September 24, 2006



staying awake is by no means fun......

But when you are a nocturnal animal like me you have to cope up with the situation
hunger is the worst customer you have to deal with...

now then

Somehow the poetic devdas in me takes control and I start shero-shayari et all....

My poor lil cute dad wanted to buy a phone for himself and he got so confused with the variety I showed him with the likes of
Motorola v3 razr, Moto L7, Nokia 6681, Sony Ericsson w700i and stuff...

that he took away my Nokia 6670 and told me to buy a new phone for myself....
oh lucky lucky me!!

I'm takin the walkman phone man

cant stop raving abt it....
sexy piece for just 12 grands.. oh yaar now I'll have to study and cover up for this expensive piece.
Chalo lets get back to PR c ya.


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