Rhythm of the Music is Life's only Motivation

Saturday, September 23, 2006


One fine evening

I was standing at my terrace.
waiting for a moment.

Suddenly came an aunty,
whom never had I seen

She strolled around for an hour,
prolonging my life on earth

She went but late,
The sun was on its way back

I said ok,
We'll do it tomorrow

I want to do it in daylight
so that 'HE' sees clearly

I went again,
this time there was peace but

I saw a man on the opposite building
staring at me

I couldn't do it,
witnesses put me off

He hung around,
It was time out again

The sun was
back in its home again

The next day was beautiful
everything became fine

I mastered the art of living
I said to myself

I lived a healthy 80
and died young

Went to God
and demanded heaven

He said u deserve it
I looked at him Questioningly

I confessed I was
committing a crime, early freedom

He said it was me
who hung around

saved you and
u for yourself

I understood God's creation
God is amazing, cleverly divine.


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