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Monday, September 11, 2006


Relief you can say.. after 2 days of hard work and research I come out with this....

FRUSION = FRUIT FRUSION (with phytochemicals)

Had a project on making a Fictitious product and making its marketing brief to be presented to the Advertising agency.
Anyways if my grp would not have come third I could have gone down badly, failed miserably.... and lost self-confidence too. But no, now I'm on a new high. This is fantastic.

Very few people will understand right now what I'm going through... The guy I keep thanking for a new lease on life is one of them... Thanks dude...

I also won a brand equity thingy wid him... Not such a big thing for him and for me as well considering we had undue advantage of being Media students and also had done a similar project just a day back but still earned us a lot of attention and congratulations

Thanks for everything Rohit.
I am having great fun in BMM with friends like you and Mihir.

I think I can be a good Marketing person now....


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