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Monday, September 04, 2006


Whats with the Gandhi thing?????

Gandhi was great
Gandhi was loyal
Gandhi was an optimist
Gandhi was magnanimous

Or was he?

Some weirdo came to India
Blabbered on his south African experiences
Was always with woman helpers

Gave us a peaceful freedom
With Pakistan by the side to help us keep peace
After all they are our brothers

Saala all other fighters went unnoticed
He let the Britishers get away with whatever they could
They plundered India for 15 more years… due to his on violence

Still some ppl majorly think Gandhi was great if said by Munnabhai

When will ppl learn….

I want to scream hard

Ppl still think some England weirdo wid funky hair is cool

Have u forgotten everything???
His ancestors murdered thousands of ur family members damn it!!
Go to hell


  • At Tuesday, September 05, 2006 , Blogger ANKIT said...

    seems you were in a wierd mood,

    i guess you have raised an interesting point,,,,
    actually we have been feeded only highly positively about our freedom fighters,,
    but as normal human beings they too had their flaws,,,,,
    even i dont keep high regards for jawahr lal nehru---i think he was the worst thing to happen to independent india....!

    but maybe we should also appreciate that GANDHIji had done some really selfless acts for the country.,,!


  • At Tuesday, September 05, 2006 , Blogger filter kaapi said...

    wats with d lines below d title 'CONTROVERSY IS MY NAME....'- luks lik sum jingle for an indianised version of Super man.
    n ur profile description 'I am filled with fresh and raw energy..' ...change it b4 ppl think ur blog is an extension 4 ur profile on

    as 4 da post...
    i dunno gandhi neither wont comment

  • At Wednesday, September 06, 2006 , Blogger sheetal said...

    ya i hate gandhi tooo

  • At Wednesday, September 06, 2006 , Blogger punjabi~car~freak! said...

    to dear filter kaapi


    energy is d only thing freely filled in me.. baaki sabh aadha hai

    secondly if it sounds like superman or some weird counter parcel joke then i appologize

    thirdly if i had changed the thing earlier u would hav said i copy u or if i change it now u will say i took ur valid suggestion

    so i'll just stick to my good ol' blog for a while and just surf around with the background templates

  • At Wednesday, September 06, 2006 , Blogger punjabi~car~freak! said...

    hey sheetal
    u still around?

  • At Wednesday, September 06, 2006 , Blogger a-phod said...

    hm.........he may not be the man, but not acknowledging his contribution to India's freedom may be a little too extreme..........he tried something new, ran with it....and was successful, albeit not popular among everyone.Same thing with Nirvana

  • At Thursday, September 14, 2006 , Blogger angel said...

    actually if u read his thoughts there may be times wherein u will feel as if gandhi was rite for all dat he blived.. but v cannot forget our other heroes like.. bose, bhagat singh, rajguru etc.. sometimes i just feeel that the mahatma is overhyped

  • At Tuesday, September 26, 2006 , Blogger Akki said...

    Dude... U just cannot undermine the efforts n struggle of a man who certainly was moulding the apparant figment of imagianation of the indian independence dream then, to reality...

    Accepted Gandhism is hyped in India, but it does not implies that he was a waste of India. If he wudn't have been there, then probably a few more 1000's wud have gone six feet beneath the indian soil...


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