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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Rishton Ki DOR

Yeh aarzoo kaise ruke....
Yeh Hausla Kaise Jhuke....

Take a bow Mr. Kukunoor you are a hero...
DOR is an amazing movie. I am sad again that I watched Iqbal and now I watched Dor at home not in the theatre. I am very sorry again. I had thought I'll watch only bad movies on CD's. Anyways the movie was far better than I had expected it to be. The direction and story amazing, crisp as one of my friends says for a No nonsense movie. Shreyas Talpade was good and one major out come of the movie was that this will be a sure Career booster for Ayesha Takia. Brilliant is all that I can describe her as. Right from her married woman to a widow she's done a 100% job. The story unique in itself didn't go into the details oh How it happened, When it happened or What actually happened.... It was always a movie which taught you to break free from customs which are not applicable now. Why the diffrentiation between men and women? Why so many attrocities? But when Ayesha Takia aptly named Meera in the movie realises she's being traded for money she ends up breaking free and going towards freedom with Gul Panag. A brilliant movie with even more brilliant backround score, great direction and a great script with emotions ranging from happiness to shock and the realisation of freedom. Great movie Mr. Kukunoor, simply great!


  • At Thursday, October 19, 2006 , Blogger filter kaapi said...

    but y did evry1 show d door 2 Dor?

    PS: i'm a Kuknoor Fanatic rite frm Hyderabad blues 2 Bollywood Calling 2 Rockford 2 3 Deewaren 2 Iqbal...but i guess Nagesh culd hav asked Gul 2 do a better job(again my jaws drop wen i see her Voluptousness). Gul seemed pretty wooden n smiled n things lik dat wen she hada crisis. i kno dats hw her character is but thn mayb d character ws not rightly developed. neway d film is amzin oderwise.

  • At Thursday, October 19, 2006 , Blogger Keshi said...

    ok then :)

    Happy Diwali Punjabi!


  • At Monday, October 23, 2006 , Blogger priPat said...

    reading ur view feels like watchin the movie!


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