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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Expect fight sequences and high-flying action everytime you see a Sunny Deol movie, And if you are going to the theatre for Naksha you'll be witness to a great concept which allows Sunny Paaji to free his arms around big time. Integrating two streams of thoughts are the new rage in Bollywood due to which Bollywood has seen a big turn around this year and has made money in milions exploring every nook and corner even gaining royalty in crores for Mobile Ringtones! Naksha could have been a better flick if they would have chosen a better and an audience attracting pair instead of Vivek Oberoi and Sameera reddy. I could imagine another pair and little better direction with more pace in the movie and Naksha could have tinkled the Box office.
Naksha has relevant storyline from "Welcome to the Jungle" starring Rock. But the theme of Karna's Kavacha and Kundala being the ultimate treasure which the Naksha guides them to gives u a Tomb Raiderish feeling. I was amazed at how the Ancient sanskrit was brought into the whole theme and these stylish old guns which look bigger than real Shotguns and a setting in the Himalayan region makes your adrenaline rush. In the Past there have been similar instances of people trying to make the Sanskrit shlokas a riddle and it looked like they would be successful but Rudraksha flopped and so did a similar movie. The movie was good but I don't think such a Hollywood typo movie would really work at present and also the Director isn't fully able to convince as to how and why the things are happening the way they are....
I loved the movie because it had a different flavour and because somehow a Naksha or a mystery movie is what I always relish... Overall an avg movie which bombed because the Indian audience is still not ready for it yet.


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