Rhythm of the Music is Life's only Motivation

Sunday, June 28, 2009

home alone

have the internet to myself felt like blogging so many times but just wasn't getting anytime...

3 stories running in my life.. actually 2 but the Job and career one seems to be different at the moment.. the third part is my love... its so wierd we discuss it so many times... its there in every movie, its a major part of all the problems in fact its the base of every problem!

Was just readin somewhere the other day that we learn to love and get emotional about one partner so that we stick around with one partner for enough time to reproduce... let me put it this way... I love my girl so that I can have kids with her... by this logic in the 21st century if we started having kids with all the girls we love we'd be a nation of 10 billion and not just 1 lol...

Thats ok I really love her.. I dont wanna lose her... the fear of losing her is immediately after I say I love her... wonder why?