Rhythm of the Music is Life's only Motivation

Monday, April 24, 2006


10. Sorry- Madonna
9. Spun - Flipsyde
8. Jhalak Dikhlaaja- Himesh Reshammiya bhai
7. coldplay- Talk
6. Jaaneman - Aryan
5. Tu hi meri shab hai - gangster
4. Paathshaala - Rang De Basanti
3. Hips don't lie - Shakira
2. Samjho naa - Himesh Reshammiya bhai
1. Yaa ali - gangster

Beat this list....

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Thursday, April 13, 2006

Well don't know what to title this one... this is just a small personal article on how my life's been going... It seemed to jerk a bit when the results came because I had targetted something like 74 to 75 % but I thought I would end up in the 70's . but thanks to some weird checking ( we got to show u who we are campaign) and some partial marks attributed to my friends I was left far behind in the race with 63% marks. Now that's ok as far as I'm concerned but me getting 18 in the marketing paper where i was expecting in 40's was the biggest shock of my life. probably my relevant examples didn't go down to well with the 'Rel'iable guy.

Apna kya hai? nevertheless now that I have got ggod studious friends I'm thinking I will try and have a healthy competition with them. I know I have that extensive intelligence and good capability but I need a small push to get me from the atmosphere into the SPACE...

well want to say some more things like everyone knows my second sem was nice. I made much better friends and realised I was trying to run away from good things. I never tried to take the initiative in the first sem and wanted to restrict myself to life-long friends... but the second sem I realised that what I had expected out of people didn't turn out to be true. Rumours were still prevalent but now I had made good enough communication with them. Learnt a lot from some people who might not be my life-long friends but atleast might influence my life. Mind you guys make loads of friends.. you get to learn a lot from each of them....

One more thing I have never had bad intentions with anyone... I jus can't stand oversmart guys who say sumthin and do sumthin else... You remain honest and frank with me and I'll be your best friend for life!

Have so much to say that beond this point that you might get bored... I won't blame you.

I want to do sumthin out of the way yaar... sumthin that might fetch me sum pride... have heard about this 'paapi duniya' so much that I now fear going for interviews for internship..

Well... rather than playing counter-strike whole day or watching poor flicks on all days filmy channels I've no work to do... so you can just about understand how eagerly I'm waiting for my second year to start... Want to do projects again.. want to blog more.. want to quarrel more on the group.. well the list goes on... most of my friends are engineers and they are sooooo busy man...

HOPE I HAD DONE ENGG. too....really praying BMM works out for me..

Friday, April 07, 2006

IIM,IIT Reservations

The heat is rising now then? OR do our beloved ministers think that we are too bright to study in India? Should we only consider going abroad? Why does this happen only with us?

This is not only from now... the moolah has been raking since my SSC batch. First the complicated holocrafts get introduced in our board finals, then the government experiments with us and gives us 4 different sets of question papers and now they book "49.5%" seats apparently the maximum for lower class and scheduled caste students. Obviously there aren't so many SC/OBC caste students in our country who have the potential to do MBA's and get priviledged engg. from IIT's. So the ultimate motive of the government might be to make the parents bid for their seats in IIT's and IIM's (the only recognised institutions abroad).

Mr. HRD minister are you listening to us middle class people? Do you want more money to fill your Swiss bank accounts? Or apparently you are deaf sitting in your Air conditioned rooms deciding to expand the quotas in reputed institutions which should have been abloished by the year 1980. Considering that a Scheduled Caste family in my vicinity owns a couple of cars and a huge bank balance but they still depend upon their caste certificates to get them into reputed colleges avec minimum effort. Is this what you want?
Be warned Mr. Minister we are the age of 'Rang De Basanti'.


Has the government lost it?? Is it that they are not even using 2 percent of their already damaged brains???

Already there is a 27% reservation which is costing many a people seats in prestigious institutuions and they want to make it 49.5%...
I mean are they dumb deaf and blind??????

I know that the politicians dont know anything.. but are they so dumb?
I mean they need not run anywhere for getting their chidren into reputed institutions...
bloody they will suck India man... they will sell off India...
they don't care a damn..

IIM institutions first get a fee hike and now these reservations....
I mean do they even care if a OBC/ ST/SC guy goes to a foreign country and does stupid things because he doesn't know anything and lets the whole of IIM down?

no I dont blame the low caste people who belong to the OBC/SC/ST... I know they need some reservation so that they can come up to a certain level and contribute to the Indian economy but this is shit where 80%of INDIA in the open categories get 50% seats...

I'm not gonna lie down and bear this all
if necessary I will stage a protest..
I've heard the Delhi university students are gonna do it..
so will apna Mumbai ka crowd..
I'm sincerely gonna join them...

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

MONEY-makes the world go round

Indeed. May it be a brawl between brothers or a son kicking out his parents out of their heritage home; it’s always the money the main culprit in these cases. In this 21st century money has gone into the man’s head they say. Man has believed that only the money can make his life peaceful and make him and his family more prestigious and famous. He has disrespected his parents, his relatives and in some cases his whole community and taken money as his soul-mate. Money is making the world believe that the power is in their hands.

Humanity and sanity have taken a huge beating. Movies have not helped the issue too. I agree that the movies are helping the issue but most of the times they have ended making mockery of the issue. Where media has also played the contenders into their own little webs and dragged the issue to new heights, and where man is now helpless and wants to leave issues and just run away from them. How can two individuals live together?

Not only this but a recent event which happened a year back but realization crept in a little late is very close to my heart. They say doctors are born to save you and it’s their hard-work and late-night shifts that have managed to keep this world on their toes. But what when you can no longer believe that the doctor is prescribing you the right treatment to gain his own personal share or what if you come to know that the multi-nationals are making the doctors prescribe expensive medicines so that they can go on an all-expenses paid trip to Europe? Yes it’s true in this monetary world.

This incident happened with a very-close relative of mine. She was barely 56 and fit and healthy. But in these ages sometimes problems like Low blood pressure or tiredness, makes you unconscious. She was immediately rushed to the hospital where the doctor who was one of the most well-known doctors and also a reputed guy prescribed some medicines as it was detected that two arteries were narrowed and blocked and were not functioning to the optimum level. The medicines were absolutely correct and she was kept a couple of days for cautionary inspection.
Now in certain extreme cases there are patients who are not affected by the medicines and need to undergo a surgery where ‘stentils’ also known as studs are forced into the arteries to clear blockage (mainly cholesterol). These are basically small springs which clear the blockage and let the blood flow normally. Although one might say they are expensive they actually cost very little but for commission. Doctors receive commission sometimes close to 30 grands where they have specific dealers supplying them in bulk. For this reason the doctor got greedy in my relative’s case. His medicines had done their work but for his untimely enforcement of not one but 2 studs into her arteries. An hour later her blood pumped in at twice the speed and before the doctor could do anything further to help, the heart couldn’t handle the pressure and gave up. She had a heart of gold.

This was a quite a shock for our family because she was one of the healthiest and the most jovial of the ladies. She was a gem of a person. But for some amount of commission on the studs the doctor didn’t even consider to wait for 24 hours before the admission of drugs. Who should we believe now? If not even the doctors… then who will save lives?

Hmmm… monetary gains have turned the tide in favour of the corporates. Where they are now making the most of talent to gain an upper hand in this competitive world. But I think there are some people like Doctors, Lawyers, Policemen and Politicians who need to keep the interest of the society alive and not go after money but work for humanity.
I wish I can be alive to see such a world.