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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Me confused... really...this time I'm so confused I might need help from somewhere. Won't repeat the Kaun fused joke like I did in the earlier poem. Maybe that's why I'm expecting something from you my blogging friends to help me decide...

Is India dooomed????

Some points that answer the Question in the affirmative are:

Indian cricket team is going nowhere.. nor are we going anywhere in Olympics or any sport.

Indian politics is getting corrupt by the day.

Gangsters in Jail are going to fight elections.... I mean what? yaa what????

China and Pak are infiltrating to spread terrorism, Bangladesh to find work and sellc heap labour.

U.S.A talks to us like we are some fakirs who cannot be trusted, can be stabbed in the back and can be given some food to eat... but with slow poison in it.

The last time I saw a beggar was outside my house in the 21st century city of Navi-Mumbai asking for alms with a letter saying he is a licensed beggar from the government.

We are growing our GDP day by day but there are 1 crore children under 14 working in India

Some points that answer in the negative are:

SENSEX crossed 13K.

We have real fast retail growth and Indian companies are taking over big companies abroad.

Agriculture though in trouble will still bail us out.

We are the only greatest country to be surviving well in democracy.

thats all I could find.... please give me your view point. I hope to answer everyone's opinions this time.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


I fit into my dad's shoes now....

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Mind blowing guy... with 91 wins and huge records don't need to say much about this German.
My salutations....

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Expect fight sequences and high-flying action everytime you see a Sunny Deol movie, And if you are going to the theatre for Naksha you'll be witness to a great concept which allows Sunny Paaji to free his arms around big time. Integrating two streams of thoughts are the new rage in Bollywood due to which Bollywood has seen a big turn around this year and has made money in milions exploring every nook and corner even gaining royalty in crores for Mobile Ringtones! Naksha could have been a better flick if they would have chosen a better and an audience attracting pair instead of Vivek Oberoi and Sameera reddy. I could imagine another pair and little better direction with more pace in the movie and Naksha could have tinkled the Box office.
Naksha has relevant storyline from "Welcome to the Jungle" starring Rock. But the theme of Karna's Kavacha and Kundala being the ultimate treasure which the Naksha guides them to gives u a Tomb Raiderish feeling. I was amazed at how the Ancient sanskrit was brought into the whole theme and these stylish old guns which look bigger than real Shotguns and a setting in the Himalayan region makes your adrenaline rush. In the Past there have been similar instances of people trying to make the Sanskrit shlokas a riddle and it looked like they would be successful but Rudraksha flopped and so did a similar movie. The movie was good but I don't think such a Hollywood typo movie would really work at present and also the Director isn't fully able to convince as to how and why the things are happening the way they are....
I loved the movie because it had a different flavour and because somehow a Naksha or a mystery movie is what I always relish... Overall an avg movie which bombed because the Indian audience is still not ready for it yet.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Have discovered some spice in life due to various reasons....
Last year my diwali was very uneventful but thanks to some of my colony friends we made it an eventful night. Thanks guys. This Diwali has a lot in store for me(not gifts No No I'm saving Money). My parents are going out for 10 days. All of You are invited over to my place (no gals my neighbours are keeping a watch on me) . So according to popular logic that just leaves Guys and yes you can come over on any India Match, I have a big flat screen 29 inches Home theatre types and free goodies on every Australian wicket.... Aur kisi cheez ki umeed mat karna!!!
Anyways so I was on my Good Diwali topic... More spice coming into my life has been due to me just finding random good friends. Yes some of them are becoming close friends too! Other events on my list are Photography. Suddenly the love for photography has come into my life maybe its because of my super cell phone with a 2 mega pixel CAM. Real sharp images. Not many Questions remain unanswered in my life but I fail to understand this post by my co-blogger
plz sum it up for me.
Talking about Questions the tensions in my life are slowing down and fading away, though I have't got any interns yet I know what I seek in life and I don't need any special interns for them. Well yes working for R-ADAG would have been a great one but then I realise it wouldn't have been possible as said by that chic HR babe. She was damn cute but had nasty look on her face. I like such stylish chics for some weird reason. Spicy. If I don't talk about music in this post I'll leave a part of my life unaccounted. Since I want to account my life here on my blog I'll tell you I'm hooked to these two songs by Paris Hilton :
1)Nothing In this WOrld
2) Stars are Blind
She sounds relatively similar to J Lo and her music sounds the same too but still shs has a uniqueness of her own. Want to get some book in my hand and am thinking I'l stay away from an Ayn Rand book because it might just be waste of money even though loads of people have suggested me to read it. I'd rather read a Jeffrey Archer or something. Or just go back to my all time favourite Philip Kotler. Am I talking too much non-relevant stuff here? Well I am bored in these vacations and No I can't cook food to get busy. So there you go. Next movie I wanna watch is Don but I don't know why I also want to watch Naksha for the simple reason I think its a very different movie. If it doesn't come on Cable this saturday I'll bring a CD and watch it.
I'll leave you with a brilliant song

Bas ek pal
bas ek pal mein- 3

Tu ek baar jo pyaar se mujhsko chuley tho har zakhm bhar jayegaa,Zara ithzaa suun ke dewaane dilki mujhe aapne dilse lagaa...Tere pyaar mein aise jiyain hum,Jala hain yeh dil....yeh ankhen hue Nam - 2

Bas Ek Pal....... - 3

Hamare Khayalo mein Khwabaon mein yadhaon mein Bathaon mein rehthe ho tum,Badaake mein yeh haath chuna jo chahuin tho pal bar mein hothe ho Gum.Tere pyaar mein aise jiyain hum,Jala hain yeh dil....yeh ankhen hue Nam - 2

Bas ek pal mein- 3

Sunaah hain Mohabbath ki Thakdeer mein, Likhein hain andherein Ghanee,Thabi aaj Shayad Sitare Sabi zara saahi roshan hue...Mere haath ki in Lakeeron mein likhe abhi aur kithne... sitam,Khafaa Ho gayein hain kushi waqt sey ho rahein hain meherbaan Gam,Tere pyaar mein aise jiyain hum,Jala hain yeh dil....yeh ankhen hue Nam - 2

Bas Ek Pal....... - 6

Bas Ek Pal

Rishton Ki DOR

Yeh aarzoo kaise ruke....
Yeh Hausla Kaise Jhuke....

Take a bow Mr. Kukunoor you are a hero...
DOR is an amazing movie. I am sad again that I watched Iqbal and now I watched Dor at home not in the theatre. I am very sorry again. I had thought I'll watch only bad movies on CD's. Anyways the movie was far better than I had expected it to be. The direction and story amazing, crisp as one of my friends says for a No nonsense movie. Shreyas Talpade was good and one major out come of the movie was that this will be a sure Career booster for Ayesha Takia. Brilliant is all that I can describe her as. Right from her married woman to a widow she's done a 100% job. The story unique in itself didn't go into the details oh How it happened, When it happened or What actually happened.... It was always a movie which taught you to break free from customs which are not applicable now. Why the diffrentiation between men and women? Why so many attrocities? But when Ayesha Takia aptly named Meera in the movie realises she's being traded for money she ends up breaking free and going towards freedom with Gul Panag. A brilliant movie with even more brilliant backround score, great direction and a great script with emotions ranging from happiness to shock and the realisation of freedom. Great movie Mr. Kukunoor, simply great!

Monday, October 16, 2006


Indians are fools... they are so emotionally attached to their cars that they give them names and clea it every sunday... Cars are status symbol in India....
Americans are bigger fools... they are so emotionally attached to their nucear warheads that they don't want others to possess them... these people are insecure...

Americans amuse me.... They are the richest people on earth but still want to invade every country's privacy.

Indians are fools... they are interested in controversies, will keep a check on the News in the whole world, will blog about it too, but when they are told to revolt they stand in the corner and laugh on you....
Americans are bigger fools.... they make controversies, are always involved in all the controversies and sel their planes and ammunition to everyone and laugh on you....

Americans amuse me... They are the richest people on earth but still want to outsource BPO's to India and scream in our already deaf ears.

Indians are fools... they think Pakistan is their biggest threat to democracy and China has laughed the way to their ( Biggest IPO ) banks by selling toys and mobile phones to us....
Americans are even(*2) bigger fools, they bombed "Japan" in 1945.... Chinaaaaa.... you listening???

Indians are fools that they think they should support U.N in controlling N. Korea's Nuclear Missiles...
Americans are hiding in the bushes because their soldiers won't go to Korea to fight now after Iraq, they aready know Bush is dumb...

Americans amuse me.... they are foooools.... hahahahaha.......

Dear Rest Of the World,
Gear up against these Idiot Americans and bomb their nation from South to North.... what are you waiting for? These Americans ain't worth your shit!


Thursday, October 12, 2006


Question: What do you want to do when you want to grab attention??
Create Headlines?? Make yourself visible to the whole of India??

Answer: You support India just before a Huge event such as the Champions Trophy.

At the end it might look like I was paid to write this article but thats not true.Read On.



There is a rule to show biz and business. Both benefit from each other. Wont go deep into Branding but for starters you can call it Economic as well as Image Benefit.

Pepsi Co. did do a lot to improve its image in the market by roping in its Own CEO in the advertisements which is called Advertising in Public Relations to make the "Aam Janata" believe that indeed Pepsi as a cola drink is safe from pesticides or any other contamination.

Now this did air everywhere in the media through newspapers and Television prominently but Pepsi had other problems like declining sales due to Off- season and was in grave danger of losing its identity.

What Pepsi has done is almost "Been there done that" but it still works, I mean I'm influenced!

Pepsi -
Hoohaaa India Aaayaa India... (repeat for that 'patriotic' effect)

Storyboard: First came the Teaser campaign for the Blue Billion where a boy of about 12, runs all around as if there's some excitement with a voice consisting of lots of people is following him around. He ends up at a house where he has the bottle in his hand and apparently he realises that the voices are coming from inside the bottle.

This teaser evoked a lot of interest and was aired for about 10 days I suppose.

Then during the Champions Trophy qualifiers there has been a 'One in a Billion' contest running in which fans of the Cricket Team promise some really absurd stunts through which they proclaim that they are the biggest fans of the Indian Team.

And now finally with India's first match versus England approaching on Sunday Pepsi is finally out with their advertisements on Television. No doubt they are not yet on Prime Time so you might not have seen them all as yet(another evident working strategy).

There are three people currently edging on the Indian Team to win the Champions Trophy 2006(Mini World Cup).

Rahul Dravid, Shahrukh Khan and Sourav Ganguly (yess!!).

Pardon me if there are more... I myself might not have seen al the celebs roped in for this biggie!!

Rahul Dravid -

Rahul Dravid in one of the firsts of the final blow seems to gather all the people of India for suport and people ranging from elderly to the youth follow him in his quest. He shows his support fr the team and proudly says Hoohaa India Aaayaa India.

Shahrukh Khan -

A more longer and a better thought process has gone into this one for sure. Shahrukh talks about his acting career and what he has done for the country. He talks about doing acting as social work for "us" the people of India on Demand (omigosh really munna??).

He talks more on how there's something he wants to do for himself and that is gonna be cheering Team India. And how he is immensely proud to be an Indian and saying Hooohaa India Aaayaa India from wherever he is.

(Shahrukh dude... enough of acting don't think Indians are fools)

Anyways, there's more

Now Sourav Ganguly , (with some loud cheering in the background)

Okay this was innovative and totally unexpected. I don't know how they managed to convince Sourav Ganguly for this, I think Percept has done a good job.

Sourav Ganguly -
Sourav comes and talks about how his past has affected his life and he doesn't want to think more on it, he has buried the past. (ya right) He says that he's currently working on coming back in the Indian Team and he also says " Maybe I'll have another oppurtunity to swirl my shirt around" (dude u rock).
After saying this he finishes a great execution by saying that I will still cheer Team India and does the HOohaaa.... very proudly(take a bow Mister!).

the last one just took by surprise, I'm really astounded and looking forward for more from Pepsi Co.

By the way let's just hope India does manage to get some inspiration from this and really bring the Cup home.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

N.Korea Nuclear talks HISTORY

3-5 October 2002:
On a visit to the North Korean capital Pyongyang, US Assistant Secretary of State James Kelly presses the North on suspicions that it is continuing to pursue a nuclear energy and missiles programme.
Mr Kelly says he has evidence of a secret uranium-enriching programme carried out in defiance of the 1994 Agreed Framework.
Under this deal, North Korea agreed to forsake nuclear ambitions in return for the construction of two safer light water nuclear power reactors and oil shipments from the US.
16 October: The US announces that North Korea admitted in their talks to a secret nuclear arms programme.
17 October: Initially the North appears conciliatory. Leader Kim Jong-il says he will allow international weapons inspectors to check that nuclear facilities are out of use.
18 October: Five Japanese citizens abducted by North Korea 25 years before are allowed a brief visit home - but end up staying, provoking more tension in the region.
20 October: North-South Korea talks in Pyongyang are undermined by the North's nuclear programme "admission".
US Secretary of State Colin Powell says further US aid to North Korea is now in doubt.
The North adopts a mercurial stance, at one moment defiantly defending its "right" to weapons development and at the next offering to halt nuclear programmes in return for aid and the signing of a "non-aggression" pact with the US.
It argues that the US has not kept to its side of the Agreed Framework, as the construction of the light water reactors - due to be completed in 2003 - is now years behind schedule.
14 November: US President George W Bush declares November oil shipments to the North will be the last if the North does not agree to put a halt to its weapons ambitions.
18 November: Confusion clouds a statement by North Korea in which it initially appears to acknowledge having nuclear weapons. A key Korean phrase understood to mean the North does have nuclear weapons could have been mistaken for the phrase "entitled to have", Seoul says.
11 December: North Korean-made Scud missiles are found aboard a ship bound for Yemen, provoking American outrage.
The US detains the ship, but is later forced to allow the ship to go, conceding that neither country has broken any law.
12 December: The North threatens to reactivate nuclear facilities for energy generation, saying the Americans' decision to halt oil shipments leaves it with no choice. It blames the US for wrecking the 1994 pact.
13 December: North asks the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to remove seals and surveillance equipment - the IAEA's "eyes and ears" on the North's nuclear status - from its Yongbyon power plant.
22 December: The North begins removing monitoring devices from the Yongbyon plant.
24 December: North Korea begins repairs at the Yongbyon plant.
North-South Korea talks over reopening road and rail border links, which have been struggling on despite the increased tension, finally stall.
25 December: It emerges that North Korea had begun shipping fuel rods to the Yongbyon plant which could be used to produce plutonium.

26 December: The IAEA expresses concern in the light of UN confirmation that 1,000 fuel rods have been moved to the Yongbyon reactor.
27 December: North Korea says it is expelling the two IAEA nuclear inspectors from the country. It also says it is planning to reopen a reprocessing plant, which could start producing weapons grade plutonium within months.

6 January:
The IAEA passes a resolution demanding that North Korea readmit UN inspectors and abandon its secret nuclear weapons programme "within weeks", or face possible action by the UN Security Council.
7 January: The US says it is "willing to talk to North Korea about how it meets its obligations to the international community". But it "will not provide quid pro quos to North Korea to live up to its existing obligations".
10 January: North Korea announces it will withdraw from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.
28 January: In his annual State of the Union address, President Bush says North Korea is "an oppressive regime [whose] people live in fear and starvation".
29 January: North Korea says Mr Bush's speech is an "undisguised declaration of aggression to topple the DPRK system" and dubs him a "shameless charlatan".
31 January: Unnamed American officials are quoted as saying that spy satellites have tracked movement at the Yongbyon plant throughout January, prompting fears that North Korea is trying to reprocess plutonium for nuclear bombs.
5 February: North Korea says it has reactivated its nuclear facilities and their operations are now going ahead "on a normal footing".
12 February: The IAEA finds North Korea in breach of nuclear safeguards and refers the matter to the UN security council.
24 February: North Korea fires a missile into the sea between South Korea and Japan.
25 February: Roh Moo-hyun sworn in as South Korean president.
2 March: Four North Korean fighter jets intercept a US reconnaissance plane in international air space and shadow it for 22 minutes.
10 March: North Korea fires a second missile into the sea between South Korea and Japan in as many weeks.
1 April: The US announces that "stealth" fighters sent to South Korea for a training exercise are to stay on once the exercises end.
9 April: The United Nations Security Council expresses concern about North Korea's nuclear programme, but fails to condemn Pyongyang for pulling out of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty.
12 April: In a surprise move, North Korea signals it may be ready to end its insistence on direct talks with the US, announcing that "if the US is ready to make a bold switchover in its Korea policy for a settlement of the nuclear issue, [North Korea] will not stick to any particular dialogue format".
18 April: North Korea announces that it has started reprocessing its spent fuel rods. The statement is later amended to read that Pyongyang has been "successfully going forward to reprocess" the rods.
23 April: Talks begin in Beijing between the US and North Korea, hosted by China. The talks are led by the US Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian affairs, James Kelly, and the deputy director general of North Korea's American Affairs Bureau, Li Gun.
24 April: American officials say Pyongyang has told them that it now has nuclear weapons, after the first direct talks for months between the US and North Korea in Beijing end a day early.
2 May: Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer expresses concern after an official from North Korea's ruling Worker's Party is found on board a state-owned ship accused of bringing A$80m (US$50m) worth of heroin into Australia.
12 May: North Korea says it is scrapping a 1992 agreement with the South to keep the peninsula free from nuclear weapons - Pyongyang's last remaining international agreement on non-proliferation.
2 June: A visiting delegation of US congressmen led by Curt Weldon says North Korean officials admitted the country had nuclear weapons had "just about completed" reprocessing 8,000 spent fuel rods which would allow it to build more.
9 June: North Korea says publicly that it will build a nuclear deterrent, "unless the US gives up its hostile policy".
13 June: South Korea's Yonhap news agency says North Korean officials told the US on 30 June that it had completed reprocessing the fuel rods.
9 July: South Korea's spy agency says North Korea has started reprocessing a "small number" of the 8,000 spent nuclear fuel rods at Yongbyon.
1 August: North Korea agrees to six-way talks on its nuclear programme, South Korea confirms. The US, Japan, China and Russia will also be involved.
27-29 August: Six-nation talks in Beijing on North Korea's nuclear programme. The meeting fails to bridge the gap between Washington and Pyongyang. Delegates agree to meet again.
2 October: North Korea announces publicly it has reprocessed the spent fuel rods.
16 October: North Korea says it will "physically display" its nuclear deterrent.
30 October: North Korea agrees to resume talks on the nuclear crisis, after saying it is prepared to consider the US offer of a security guarantee in return for ending its nuclear programme.
21 November: Kedo, the international consortium formed to build 'tamper-proof' nuclear power plants in North Korea, decides to suspend the project.
9 December: North Korea offers to "freeze" its nuclear programme in return for a list of concessions from the US. It says that unless Washington agrees, it will not take part in further talks.
The US rejects North Korea's offer. President George W Bush says Pyongyang must dismantle the programme altogether.

10 January: An unofficial US team visits what the North calls its "nuclear deterrent" facility at Yongbyon.
22 January: US nuclear scientist Siegfried Hecker tells Congress that the delegates visiting Yongbyon were shown what appeared to be weapons-grade plutonium, but he did not see any evidence of a nuclear bomb.
23 May: The UN atomic agency is reported to be investigating allegations that North Korea secretly sent uranium to Libya when Tripoli was trying to develop nuclear weapons.
23 June: Third round of six nation talks held in Beijing, with the US making a new offer to allow North Korea fuel aid if it freezes then dismantles its nuclear programmes.
2 July: US Secretary of State Colin Powell meets the North Korean Foreign Minister, Paek Nam-sun, in the highest-level talks between the two countries since the crisis erupted.
23 August: North Korea describes US President George W Bush as an "imbecile" and a "tyrant that puts Hitler in the shade", in response to comments President Bush made describing the North's Kim Jong-il as a "tyrant".

28 September: North Korea says it has turned plutonium from 8,000 spent fuel rods into nuclear weapons. Speaking at the UN General Assembly, Vice Foreign Minister Choe Su-hon said the weapons were needed for "self-defence" against "US nuclear threat".

14 January
: North Korea says it is willing to restart stalled talks on its nuclear programme, according to the official KCNA news agency.
19 January: Condoleezza Rice, President George W Bush's nominee as secretary of state, identifies North Korea as one of six "outposts of tyranny" where the US must help bring freedom.
10 February: North Korea says it is suspending its participation in the talks over its nuclear programme for an "indefinite period", blaming the Bush administration's intention to "antagonise, isolate and stifle it at any cost". The statement also repeats North Korea's assertion to have built nuclear weapons for self-defence.
18 April: South Korea says North Korea has shut down its Yongbyon reactor, a move which could allow it to extract more fuel for nuclear weapons.
1 May: North Korea fires a short-range missile into the Sea of Japan, on the eve of a meeting of members of the international Non-Proliferation Treaty.
11 May: North Korea says it has completed extraction of spent fuel rods from Yongbyon, as part of plans to "increase its nuclear arsenal".
16 May: North and South Korea hold their first talks in 10 months, with the North seeking fertiliser for its troubled agriculture sector.
25 May: The US suspends efforts to recover the remains of missing US servicemen in North Korea, saying restrictions placed on its work were too great.
22 June: North Korea requests more food aid from the South during ministerial talks in Seoul, the first for a year.
9 July: North Korea says it will rejoin nuclear talks, as US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice begins a tour of the region.
12 July: South Korea offers the North huge amounts of electricity as an incentive to end its nuclear weapons programme.
25 July: Fourth round of six-nation talks begins in Beijing.
7 August: The talks reach deadlock and a recess is called.

13 September: Talks resume, but a new North Korean request to be built a light water reactor prompts warnings of a "standoff" between the parties.
19 September: In what is initially hailed as an historic joint statement, North Korea agrees to give up all its nuclear activities and rejoin the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, while the US says it had no intention of attacking.
20 September: North Korea says it will not scrap its nuclear programme until it is given a civilian nuclear reactor, undermining the joint statement and throwing further talks into doubt.
7 December: A senior US diplomat brands North Korea a "criminal regime" involved in arms sales, drug trafficking and currency forgery.
20 December: North Korea says it intends to resume building nuclear reactors, because the US had pulled out of a key deal to build it two new reactors.

12 April:
A two-day meeting aimed at persuading North Korea to return to talks on its nuclear programme fails to resolve the deadlock.
3 July: Washington dismisses a threat by North Korea that it will launch a nuclear strike against the US in the event of an American attack, as a White House spokesman described the threat as "deeply hypothetical".
4 July: North Korea test-fires at least six missiles, including a long-range Taepodong-2, despite repeated warnings from the international community.
5 July: North Korea test-fires a seventh missile, despite international condemnation of its earlier launches.
7 July: South Korea suspends food aid in protest at the missile tests.
15 July: The UN Security Council unanimously votes to impose sanctions on North Korea over the missile tests. The resolution demands UN members bar exports and imports of missile-related materials to North Korea and that it halt its ballistic missile programme.
11 September: Senior US diplomat Christopher Hill warns North Korea against a nuclear test, saying that it would be a provocative act.
27 September: North Korea blames US financial sanctions for the deadlock in multilateral talks on its nuclear programme. In a speech to the UN General Assembly, envoy Choe Su-Hon said that North Korea was willing to hold talks, but the US stance had created an impasse.
3 October: North Korea is to conduct a nuclear test to "bolster" its self-defence in the face of US military hostility, the foreign ministry says. In a statement, it says North Korea would carry out the test "in the future... where safety is firmly guaranteed" - but did not say when.
9 October: North Korea says it has carried out its first ever test of a nuclear weapon. It calls the test a "historic event" and says it was carried out safely and successfully.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


CONFUSED what to write here...

KAUN FUSED???? - sad joke

CONFUSED about gals....

CONFUSED about which songs to listen to...

CONFUSED about people and their psyche

KAUN FUSED????? - relevant joke

CONFUSED about cars

CONFUSED about studies

CONFUSED about planning

KAUN FUSED?????? - smile joke





KAUN FUSED?????? - hillarious joke!!!

Poem is layered
(or should I call it a Poem??? confused!!!)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


A tongue-in-cheek message for Arjun Singh

SINGH-ING GANDHIAN TUNES: A group of students, bent on Gandhigiri, want to send a message to Arjun Singh.

Sanjay Dutt-starrer Lage Raho Munnabhai seems to have captured the imagination of today’s youth with its exuberant spirit of Gandhigiri.
CNN-IBN’s Citizen Gandhi initiative proved as much.
Many readers wrote in to with their ideas and opinions on Gandhigiri.
Bhavik Dand, a Mumbai student, talks about using Gandhigiri as tool to drive home a message to Union Human resource Minister Arjun Singh about the reservation controversy.
A few students have taken up a new idea to battle against reservation after watching Lage Raho Munnabhai and indeed the movie has had a great impact a web portal having 28,768,055 members has been a new hotspot for the youth to vent their views.
There are various communities like “Get well soon Arjun Singh” created with over 800 members.
I am not for or against such an idea or a demonstration of protest but I would like the masses to come to know about the impact great films like Lage Raho Munnabhai can have.

The message:
For the very ill Arjun Singh.
He is suffering from acute illness of quotas and reservation. He requires our best wishes and support to get well soon. Let us see what happens when the radical concept of Gandhigiri combines with the anti reservation protests.

Some details about Arjun Singh:
State from which he is elected: Madhya Pradesh
His political party: Indian National Congress
His Delhi address: 17, Akbar Road, New Delhi
His telephone No.: 23016516, 23017340, Fax- 23017404
Send: Get Well Soon message

Let us recreate the Gandhian magic.

Monday, October 02, 2006

EXAMS but no fever

My exams are as follows

3rd ko Advertising
4th ko Journalism
5th ko PR
6th ko Media Studies
7th ko Culture studies
8th Holiday
9th Creative Writing

This time am not that motivated don't know why...

Maybe I'm lost in space --->