Rhythm of the Music is Life's only Motivation

Saturday, December 08, 2007


Started on Saturday... all set for a 6 hour drive.... had a pit stop at Tarapur where I picked up my dad... driving was a pleasure on the highway because I could just cruise along...
Two and a half hours of driving alone was fun because I was playing loud music... I always keep my stock of good music on a long drive... Long 3 hour drive with dad followed and I drove 2 hours and after a 10 minute stop at a petrol pump dad drove the car. Its always a pain to sit in the passenger seat because I'm pretty scared if someone drives very fast and my dad goes supremely fast with close cuts on sharp corners... always scares me.

We entered Surat and it looked quite welcoming. I mean the hoardings were brilliant and for a city like Surat the flyovers and stuff were amazing... As soon as we reached we heard dholaks in the building and we directly went to the backside of the building were all my relatives were dancing...
Me and my dad were welcomed and we directly went inside and everyone was dancing... Bhangra style... I danced a little and saw all my cousins... everyone was lookin huge... blame it on the punjabi style of relishing heavy food and saying an old say that "Khaate peete ghar ke hain" meaning we are rich and so we show by enjoying the best food. Swollen tummies making uncles look pregnant and aunties look like buffaloes, pardon me but good looking buffaloes. That night I ate dinner early. The house was swarming with guests and everyone was watching Voice of India. I had followed it religiously and the finals were enthralling to the finish but my favourite Harshit lost and Punjab ka Ishmeet won, though narrowly.

After that the next three days were amazing fun... I had my car over there, the keys with me and I was the boss
Guess girls were waiting to happen!