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Monday, January 29, 2007


Lamborghinis, some of the fastest and most powerful street legal cars, have won the hearts of auto enthusiasts. The company now plans to enter India with two of its most coveted models.

There are a few automobile brands that are so steeped in history, glamour and awe-inspiring technology, that hyperboles come naturally when we talk about them.
Italian performance car manufacturer Lamborghini is just one of these haloed marques, whose adulatory fans around the world can hardly wait for every new model to arrive at the neighbourhood showroom. And there aren't too many to choose from.
Last week, the company announced its plans to enter India and offer two of its most coveted models to performance car enthusiasts with fat wallets. For customers looking for
Rs 1-crore-plus performance cars, Lamborghini, or popularly Lambo, is surely well-known.

With competing super luxury performance brands such as Porsche already here, could Lambo have been far behind?

Modest beginnings
But for all the enviable, passion-filled, `autophilia' image that the Lambo name evokes, the company itself had very modest roots. The company, `Automobili Lamborghini', started in 1963, when the founder Ferruccio Lamborghini began work on a new automobile plant in SantAgata Bolognese, about 25 km from Bologna, Italy.
By the time he decided to build a factory for the manufacture of luxury sports cars, Lamborghini had already hit pay dirt, making tractors. In addition to tractors he also had a presence in other industries, but he had not even dabbled in the field of personal automobiles.
It is said that the trigger for Lamborghini to found a company to develop sports cars was an argument with Enzo Ferrari, founder of the legendary sports car brand Ferrari. Ferrari apparently questioned Lamborghini's ability to drive high-end sports cars of that time, claiming that he was only capable of driving tractors.
The world must now be thanking providence for that argument and for Lamborghini's egotistical response to that insensitive comment.

By the late 1950s and the early 1960s, Lamborghini was a highly successful, wealthy man capable of taking on some of the other big Italian businesses in might, but when he said that he would build a super sports car to compete with Ferrari, many people started to nod their heads and purse their lips. Constructing that kind of car was viewed as an unexplainable extravagance, a leap into the dark, and something that could squander his fortune.
A legend is born
But Lamborghini persisted with his seemingly impossible dream and the rest, as they say, is history. Lambo, the company, debuted with the 350 GTV, a two-door, two-seater coupe that was presented at the Turin Auto Show of 1963. This model and then the 350 GT, 350 GTS and the 400 GT were all lapped up by eager sports enthusiasts.
The legendary Miura, the Flying Star, the Marzal and the Miura Roadster followed. Many of these were prototypes, but were developed with the same level of passion as full production cars. But cars like the Miura enabled Lamborghini showcase the company's engineering and design ability to an audience that had been sceptical about its prowess in making a genuine sports performance car.
Lamborghini was born under the sign of Taurus and this was probably one of the reasons for his choosing the `Raging Bull' as the company's emblem. Of course, just like the Prancing Horse of Ferrari, the Raging Bull went on to become one of the most recognised logos in automotive history.

It is said that the Lambo founder was also a fan of bull fighting, which seems to have been one more reason why he chose names such as Miura, which were those of the finest Spanish bull fighting legends.
Some of the other models that went to become successes and further strengthened Lambo's image in the super luxury cars segment were the Espada, the Jarama, the Countach, the Bravo, the Portofino and the Diablo. One prototype of Lambo that did not make it to production, but set a design theme that was to become the distinctive feature of top-range Lamborghinis was the Marzal. It was the first concept to sport the sensational vertically opening `Gullwing' doors.
Lamborghini has won the hearts of car enthusiasts and has a unique, aggressive design character unrivalled by many auto-makers that have been in the business longer. As the company puts it, it is now an emblem of excess, symbolic of going further at all costs, of always doing more and better than any rival without preconceptions or conventional limitations.

Indian story
Many of Lambo's cars have been some of the fastest and most powerful street legal cars of their times. For example, the Rs 3 crore, Lambo Murcielago, that is being offered in India, will be one of the most powerful cars to run on Indian roads, with the 6.5-litre, 12-cylinder engine generating a peak power of 640 PS at 8,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 660Nm at 6,000 rpm (yes, that is right, we double checked the numbers).
The Murcielago and the Gallardo are two models that signalled a resurgence of the Lambo brand in the last few years. They capture the essence of the brand and its history, and have excelled their venerated peers in design and performance, even while adding all the elements of modernism inside and out.
Well, if you have been waiting for Lambo's entry into India, then wear that Armani suit of yours, slip into those Gucci shoes and take a flight to Delhi to place your order with Exclusive Motors.


Frame: Tubular frame made from high-strength steel alloy with carbon fibre structural parts
Body: Carbon fibre with door and roof in steel; transparent engine bonnet (optional)
Engine type: 12 cyls, V 60º, Size: 6496 cc
Maximum power: 640 PS at 8000 rpm
Maximum torque: 660Nm at 6000 rpm
Top speed: 340 km/hr
Acceleration: (0-100km/hr) 3.4 sec.
Fuel consumption: Urban 32.3 litres/100 km; Highway, 15 litres/100 km; Average: 21.3 litres/100 km
gallado spyder

Frame: Structural aluminium spaceframe, based on aluminium extruded parts welded to aluminium casted joint elements. Engine type: 10 cylinders V 90°, DOHC 4 valves, 18° crankpin offset
Displacement: 4961 cc
Maximum power: 500bhp at 7800 rpm
Maximum torque: 510Nm at 4500 rpm
Performance: Top speed 315 km/h / 196 mp/h; 0-100 km/h 4.2 sec; 0-1000 m 22.3 sec.
Fuel consumption: Manual and e gear (6-speed). Urban, 24.8 litres/100km; Highway, 12.4 litres/100 km; Average, 17 litres /100km
Price: Rs 1.65-1.85 crore.

BTW: My Sony Phone is here w810i thanks to some cool marketing people in Sony Ericsson and and thanks ofcourse to my blogger friends!!

Monday, January 15, 2007


Sony w810i , a solution, if you are cribbing while carrying a MP3 player and cell phone both at same time.Sony w810i is hottest product in the world of cells these days and is selling like hot pancakes.
What ??? Did you ask why?
Then my answer is why not?

Phone has got full functional 2 Mega pixel camera with flash light, a fully loaded mp3 player with Walkman of SONY and yes a phone too.This was just a brief summary what Sony w800i is all about. Lets look into details what this HOT walkman phone has to offer.

1. Walkman-based features and functionality for on-board digital music player
2. Convenient one-touch controls for audio playback and activation of player/FM radio
3. Tri-band compatibility (GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz)
4. High-resolution 262,144-colour TFT LCD
5. Integrated 2.0-megapixel camera with 4X digital zoom and auto focus
6. Active lens cover mechanism ? automatically activates/deactivates camera feature when opened/closed
7. Multimedia file editors (MusicDJ, PhotoDJ, VideoDJ)
8. External memory card support
9. Bluetooth/USB data cable/IR data connectivity
10. CSD/HSCSD and GPRS data connectivity via internal WAP browser or external computing device
11. SMS/EMS/MMS/e-mail and instant messaging (IMPS) capabilities
12. 40 polyphonic (MIDI-based) and digital music tones support
13. Java application compatibility (with 3D graphics support)
14. Playback/streaming of digital audio and video files through media player function
15. Integrated loudspeaker for ring tones, speakerphone, FM radio and media player
16. Basic organizer features, including phonebook with photo caller ID support
17. Local and remote synchronization capabilities (SyncML)
18. Torch light feature
19. Ability to charge the phone via USB-based data cable
20. User-based firmware upgrade via Sony Ericsson Update Service (SEUS) facility Sony w800i is 99 gm , sleek walkman cum cell phone, avaliable in white and metallic orange colors .

Sony w800i has got TFT LCD screen with 262k colors , with bright orange color background light.The Phone The main advantage of Sony w800i is its light weight and much convenient Keypad for usage. The button are more easy to use than any other SONY ERICSSON phone. Menu is driven by the center joystick as all other Sony phones. Menu is just breeze to use with the joystick. And the best thing is you can activate and deactivate FM Radio and MP3 player on a click of one soft key only, which makes it very easy to switch between Phone, Mp3 player and FM radio?Phone has got all basic features from simple text message to email, from USB connectivity to Bluetooth and IR, 40 pre-stored Polyphonic(MIDI) tunes. Melody Composer, Phone book with 5 entries per Name.
Other functionalities include Timer, Tasks, Stopwatch, Speaker phone, PIM Sync, Phone book, File manager, Events calendar, Clock, Call list, Calendar, Calculator, Business card exchange, Alarm clock .Phone comes with 38 MB of inbuilt memory and 512 MB storage card as external memory.
The storage card can be upgraded up to 2GB . Music Sony w800i better known as walkman phone comes with a full fledge functionality of MP3 player. Phone has got internal memory of 32 MB and an additional slot for memory card to store songs.You can store songs under various heads like artist, genere, album etc. Mp3 player is embedded with Graphical Equalizer , by which you cans et music according to your style. The same graphic equalizer can be set as theme of phone while MP3 player is on.Sony w810i can play up to whopping 30hrs of playback .

Apart from MP3 player phone is also integrated with FM stereo Radio . You can save 10 + channels for FM stereo.Head set, which came as standard accessory is very good. You can also play music directly through the phone speakers or you can connect your Sony w800i to external speakers also.Camera. Well as far as camera is concerned SONY holds a major portion in market and this time they came up with 2MP camera with CARL-ZIESS lens, for which Sony is best known for. The camera is protected by a shutter which open and closes automatically when the camera is in use.Camera has got all main features which you will find in a good digital camera. A 2 MP camera, Flash Light, Auto shutter, Viewfinder diplay,video sttreaming, Video recording, self timer, White balancing, Burst mode, picture modes, Focusing, Image sizing and trimming. Other features Apart from the main feature Sony w800i has some other features like Themes display Sound recorder, SMS long (Text Messaging), Screensaver, Quick Share, Predictive text input, Picture wallpaper, Picture Phonebook, Picture gallery, Picture effects, Picture editor, Photo light, MMS Video, MMS templates. Over all Sony w800i is a good buy and I have experienced the walkman phones myself because everybody seems to be buying it.

So if you've not brought it yet then go for it.

Phone has a feature to work only as a music player. Buttons at the side for volume control and camera are quite handy and are placed exactly for the user’s ease. If you have any other Sony device you can interchange your card, as you can use the same card in both your Sony devices.

Standard phone box contains 1 Sony Ericsson W800i1 512MB Memory Stick PRO Duo 1 Li-ion Battery 1 Travel Charger 1 Hands free 1 Data Cable 1 SD Card Reader1 Strap 1 User Manual 1 CD-ROM User Guide On the whole a good buy for the price.So this was about Sony w800i

The W810i managed to impress me with its audio capabilities. I was totally floored.Deep and rich audio eminate from the handset, , users have the option of using high-end headsets which - if what I listened to is anything to go by - will prove to offer an excellent listening experience.


Got a very sporty look, which can go with both the genders.Some Features which I like in Sony w810i. Slot for memory card is in the side of phone, which means no need to remove batteries for changing or removing the card.It is also available in a whilte and silver combination which looks very royal. A phone absolutely worth your money and worth buying.