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Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Kasab

My apologies to people reading this article who are not from India, I apologize on the behalf of all those Indians who are hell bent on making Amir Ajmal Kasab a National Hero, the guy who made 166 lives a joke and the people connected to the people who died a joke is laughing at all of us, the 60 year old judiciary system and the people involved in the case, and he's laughing at my fuckin face.

I can't tolerate that out of my tax money they are spending a crore on the guy just to protect him? Why should he be protected? He has the balls to plead guilty and ask for a newspaper and a perfume? Why the fuck should he get a perfume? Why since November 26th to the 11th of May am I still waiting for justice to be served on the rotten bastard? Just because he's now claiming to have relaised what he's done and wants to live? So that he can insult me, my country and the government and laugh at us for killing innocent people with a shower of bullets and then being freed? Maybe next time I go to vote he will be in the list representing a powerful political party because of his celebrity status?

I want him executed as a representative of this country and as a born citizen of this country. If he has the right to kill my fellow men I have the right to give my own judgement in front of a Billion people. If asked I shall execute him myself and have no remorse of killing him even in front of his parents. If any1 says that the Indiudiciary is giving a chance to him to defend himself I think 5 months were enough and If he laughs once more in the court on my fellow men I swear I'll make a plan to execute him myself and I vow to the people of this country that I shall fight for my country if ever its freedom or its sanctity comes under threat ffrom internal or an external enemy and not run away like a coward.

This is my outrage, my verdict as I impatiently wait for Satyamev Jayathe.