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Thursday, June 10, 2010


Dear Love,

Sorry for not standing by you, I feel guilty for loving you truly and still not having you by my side... your love was pure for me and so was mine for you.. maybe some day in some way or some birth we will meet again... I am really really not able to get you to be with me... did whatever I could to make u happy when I was with you..

No other song than this can explain my situation better

To my love
Can I get to your soul
Can you get to my thought
Can we promise we won't let go
All the things that I need
All the things that you need
You can make it feel so real.
Cuz you can't deny
You've blown my mind
When I touch your body
I feel I'm loosing control
Cuz you can't deny
You've blown my mind
When I see you baby
I just don't wanna let go
I hate to see you cry

Stereo Love



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