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Saturday, August 08, 2009

The weekend special

My chuk chuk gaadi has come to this special weekend... for this special person... Did nothin much coz we didnt meet at all, hows it possible am sitting at home all day long and shes busy busy on the weekend... but I decided to make it special anyways

All I did was key in a few nice tex messages and spoke to her at nite right? She seems okay with all that but I feel we have to hang out a regualar intervals or I'll get too frustrated again with nothin much happening.. A close but outstation trip revealed she still would've preffered hanging out with her girlfriends for a movie instead of spending the whole day with me..

Anyways so its abt the weekend and abt How I met your mother series am guessing that I've lost my funny boy stuff since I've not written much these days but anyways a die hard romantic will always write about die hard romance and all that soulmate stuff just like Ted searches for his soulmate but cant go beyond Robin... she's ideal but she's so so confused... like all of us are to find the real one the one we start building up in our teens thinking oh all these girls in front of me are good for nothing they aren't the ones I'm searching for the one who'll do all I wanna do and sit and enjoy them with me. On my recent trip I just found out that it's not all about your choices but its also about including the choices of the aforesaid girl.. (wouldn' do it for everyone!!)

So yes we played only her favourite tracks all the time and guess what she's so sweet she included my tracks in the middle so that I would also like the playlist.. anyways it was a long time since I wanted her to spend the whole day with me and it finally happened wih a few twists one of them in which I almost lost the key to my car and we both were sweating hard thinking what'll happen now! The playlist was not all that bad btw.

I don't know why am so afraid of making out with her I just want it to be special and not embarrassing or something so that I can talk about it years later to my kids just like Ted talks about it in the series.. so cool.. Ofcourse I'll drop the yucky part...

The weekend wasnt' as special for her nor for me but we are still there thinking maybe the weekdays will bring more joy and coffee and the above mentioned moment of glory~!!

Peace out


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