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Thursday, February 21, 2008


I am gonna list some of the movies I've been watching since the Diwali vacations... somehow my LAN hasn't suffered much damaged this time around and I've been flooded with lots of movies... have made amazing friends on LAN who suggest me these amazing movies and you bet I've become a movie buff... from movies like Enemy at the gates, Girl Next Door, Accepted, Boat Trip, Road trip, Euro Trip to hindi movies like Superstar and Aggar I've seen over 80 movies thanks to my large storing capacity computer and LAN where I get all pirated versions and don't have to spend big bucks at the theatre.... though National Treasure 2 was a disaster because I could never get a clear dvd rip of it... I hope I get it coz I've become a Nation treasure fan myself... Have seen movies like Gone in 60 Seconds, Face-Off, Next and stuff and have become a Nicholas Cage Fan too... the guy rocks though nowadays he's losin a lot of hair and lookin silly...


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