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Saturday, June 16, 2007


Once upon a time there were two children in a happy family. A brother and a sister.... they grew up under their parents and were always the best. The brother wanted to be an engineer and the sister wanted to be a doctor. Everything about them was perfect. The brother was older by 3 years but still he shared an amazing bond with his little sister. They had an amazing understanding and the sister never ate without her brother.They were inseparable. But this time it was going to be different. The brother had completed his 12th standard and was going out to the city to study while the sister had to stay back. It was an emotional parting but somehow they understood that this was inevitable. The parents took special care of their daughter.

The brother studied hard and burned the midnight oil. He was the best and he was all prepared for the exams just 3 days before they had even started. That evening he recieved a message from his dad to come home urgently. Without a thought he rushed home.It took him a day to reach home. On reaching he recieved the shock of his life. His sister was in hospital... she had cancer on the last stage.

He spent the day with her and she was restless because she knew he had exams. Shdidn't have many days left but she knew how imp his exams were to him. So she said, "Brother, I know it's hard for both of us but you have to leave. I will wait for you till you come back. I won't die without you beside me. He was crying blood but he knew he had to go.

Back in the city he gave his first exam. Such a bond he had with his sister that they used to talk in their dreams with each other. Every night they spoke about how much time was left for the exams to get over and every night he gave her the strength to hold on... to fight the deadly disease so that she could die in his arms peacefully. He urged her to wait for him and she obeyed him.

After a fortnight was there was fortnight and they would be together again. She told him how she was holding on and she would wait for him. She told him to concentrate on his exams and that everything was fine as mom n dad were taking good care of her. She was enjoying healthy food and juices and that everyone was not even scolding her for her naughty behaviour and extravagant demands. The brother was happy because he was free of his worries for his sister.
The next day after his exams he recieved a call from his sister's best friend. She told him how his sister was fighting the cancer and how much suffering she was going through everyday just because she was waiting for her brother to be back from the city. She told him how the doctors were stunned that anyone could bear so much pain and stay alive all this while. He was heart broken and proud of his sister.

That night when he spoke to her....
He told her... "Sister I know what pain you have been going through all this while. I know how difficult it is. I love you and nothing will ever come between you and me ever... not even death. I will always be your loving brother. please...let go."

The following morning he recieved a call from his parents. His sister was no more.


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