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Friday, February 26, 2010


Note - If you have a weak heart.. or a small appetite to laugh or in a bad mood and won't laugh on anything then this article is just not for you.
Also please note that if you are not familiar with grotesque articles on grotesque subjects then also stop reading now.

If you have ignored the above warnings then read on -

The write up is based on the following question -

What does a fart mean to you? What does a fart mean to other people? What does a fart mean at all...

A fart is relief from a lot of things.. stomach ache, potty trouble.. sometimes when u cant shit u fart and relieve urself... fart is also generated when u drink too much cola

A fart at home goes unnoticed... but u need to see that others really don't notice and not that u conveniently dont look at others holding their noses as hard as they can...

A fart in the crowded train in d morning also doesnt go unnoticed
In case u thought I'll just pass it through and no one will notice then boss its ur duty to Shit at home.. so if u dont and make others smell it 'We Know!!' Its just that we are indians... we smell it avoid it... try avodiing it rather... look at others.. manage a smile.. take it as another bad omen for office and gulp it down...

In case you don't know then there are types of smells also in farts -

Acidity fart - In case u didnt know it smells bad too.. its acidic and not good.. you better eat something and read the I need to shit urgently fart for more details.

I am not feelin well fart - The easily escapable, and also excused most of the times am not feelin well fart and my stomach seems to be paining fart are OK. They also don't smell that bad and you tend f sympathise with the one who just farted.

I didn't do my morning shit fart - This is NOT EXCUSABLE PEOPLE!! how much ever late u are for office you should still shit the whole thing out ant not keep any at all. Do not fart after this... or go 10 m away and warn others. Save yourself some embarrassment by warning people. We know you are the one doing it...

I need to shit suddenly Fart - It smells the most horrible out of all and you've probably digested somethin really fast or that day morning you didn't shit properly. ou need to rush urgently howsoever urgent meeting you are in. Just find a restroom bro and park your ass we dont want to smell the shit.

Thats all folks so keep your farts in your kidneys and dont let them out...


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