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Sunday, September 24, 2006



staying awake is by no means fun......

But when you are a nocturnal animal like me you have to cope up with the situation
hunger is the worst customer you have to deal with...

now then

Somehow the poetic devdas in me takes control and I start shero-shayari et all....

My poor lil cute dad wanted to buy a phone for himself and he got so confused with the variety I showed him with the likes of
Motorola v3 razr, Moto L7, Nokia 6681, Sony Ericsson w700i and stuff...

that he took away my Nokia 6670 and told me to buy a new phone for myself....
oh lucky lucky me!!

I'm takin the walkman phone man

cant stop raving abt it....
sexy piece for just 12 grands.. oh yaar now I'll have to study and cover up for this expensive piece.
Chalo lets get back to PR c ya.

Saturday, September 23, 2006


One fine evening

I was standing at my terrace.
waiting for a moment.

Suddenly came an aunty,
whom never had I seen

She strolled around for an hour,
prolonging my life on earth

She went but late,
The sun was on its way back

I said ok,
We'll do it tomorrow

I want to do it in daylight
so that 'HE' sees clearly

I went again,
this time there was peace but

I saw a man on the opposite building
staring at me

I couldn't do it,
witnesses put me off

He hung around,
It was time out again

The sun was
back in its home again

The next day was beautiful
everything became fine

I mastered the art of living
I said to myself

I lived a healthy 80
and died young

Went to God
and demanded heaven

He said u deserve it
I looked at him Questioningly

I confessed I was
committing a crime, early freedom

He said it was me
who hung around

saved you and
u for yourself

I understood God's creation
God is amazing, cleverly divine.

Friday, September 22, 2006








ROCKY (Himsh Bhai's music naaa)

DOR (apna IQBAL)

and exams on ma head.... I'm just freakin out... I have EXAM-O-PHOBIA basically....


Australia the least worst

I hesitate to say, Australia have won their way through, or should that be, "managed to not lose" their way through to the final of the DHL cup in Malaysia. I say "not lost", because at times it looked like neither side really wanted to win this one.In the end of was some ordinary umpiring decisions and some ordinary batting that have cost India their spot in the final.
Australia struggled with the bat, showing once again how important it is in cricket to have a settled line up. Hayden, Haddin and Hogg put together scores of 54, 46 and 38 respectively but that was about it - Haddin surviving a bungled run out chance early on.Then for Australia, Stuart Clarke reversed his fortunes of the other night (0 for 86 from just 6 overs) taking 2 for 36 from 8 and probably bowling better than those figures suggest and Brett Lee the star, cleaning things up with 5 for for 38.Lee was lucky to take Dhoni's wicket, caught in the deep by Martyn, off what replays showed was clearly a big no-ball. Harbhajan was also very unlucky to be given out caught behind off a Symonds "straight break" which went straight through into Haddin's gloves, touching absolutely nothing ,but the big, confident appeal was upheld - quite strange.Then some dumb batting by the tail and Mongia, who actually remained not out, whereby India were taking singles late in the over - repeatedly, when they only required about 3 runs per over to win, saw the tailenders over exposed to Hogg and Lee and in the end, that was their downfall.
Anyway, a mediocre string of performances by a mix and match Australian team has been covered up by yet another final appearance. Should they win it, I suspect they will have escaped a wake up call they may really need, but at the same time, gained some valuable experience for the likes of Haddin, Jaques, Johnson, Clarke (both S and M), but perhaps not so valuable for Kattich and Martyn, who may have sealed their fate with regards to World Cup berths next year.
Anyways I messed up another day and didnt study... my dad is gonna take out the shit outta me

Monday, September 11, 2006

HYUNDAI le... warnaaa!!!

India’s second-largest car maker, Hyundai Motor, may follow a market strategy similar to the Ford India formula for positioning its new mid-size sedan Verna, tipped for third quarter launch this calendar.

Sources said the Accent is likely to be placed at the entry level of the C segment, while Verna will be locked in direct challenge with the likes of Honda City and Ford Fusion, just below Hyundai’s premium mid-size offering Elantra. This would give Hyundai a three class offering in the mid-size sedan category covering all price segments.

Majaa aa gaya ye gaadi dekhke... I endorsed it like hell for my marketing brief too...

Lets get to the details a bit now( line pe aata hooon!!!)

Compared to the slightly awkward old Accent, the Verna looks sleeker, more contemporary and more grown-up. It's also a good deal larger than its predecessor, and while the Verna is not quite big enough to place it in the class above the Accent, this still means more room for passengers and luggage.
For the most part, however, the Verna makes for perfectly acceptable daily transport, which for 99 percent of motorists is absolutely fine. It's near silent at idle, and the 1.6-litre four-cylinder engine makes the most of its 130bhp and 145Nm, delivering decently brisk progress. The four-speed automatic gearbox is smooth enough ordinarily but you need to be careful with throttle inpinputs, calling for a downshift by stomping on the gas can result in a less than perfect gearchange.


Hyundai Verna 1.6 (A)

Engine Type 1,599cc, 16v in-line 4

Max Power 112bhp at 6,000rpm

Max Torque 145Nm at 4,500rpm

Gearbox 4-speed automatic

Top speed 176km/h

0-100km/h 12.0 seconds

Overall another market leader ...

But the Q is that whether it will be able to sustain the sales of Accent if accent is faded out of the market?

Let's see this Diwali whats in store for the Indian people.



Relief you can say.. after 2 days of hard work and research I come out with this....

FRUSION = FRUIT FRUSION (with phytochemicals)

Had a project on making a Fictitious product and making its marketing brief to be presented to the Advertising agency.
Anyways if my grp would not have come third I could have gone down badly, failed miserably.... and lost self-confidence too. But no, now I'm on a new high. This is fantastic.

Very few people will understand right now what I'm going through... The guy I keep thanking for a new lease on life is one of them... Thanks dude...

I also won a brand equity thingy wid him... Not such a big thing for him and for me as well considering we had undue advantage of being Media students and also had done a similar project just a day back but still earned us a lot of attention and congratulations

Thanks for everything Rohit.
I am having great fun in BMM with friends like you and Mihir.

I think I can be a good Marketing person now....

Monday, September 04, 2006


Whats with the Gandhi thing?????

Gandhi was great
Gandhi was loyal
Gandhi was an optimist
Gandhi was magnanimous

Or was he?

Some weirdo came to India
Blabbered on his south African experiences
Was always with woman helpers

Gave us a peaceful freedom
With Pakistan by the side to help us keep peace
After all they are our brothers

Saala all other fighters went unnoticed
He let the Britishers get away with whatever they could
They plundered India for 15 more years… due to his on violence

Still some ppl majorly think Gandhi was great if said by Munnabhai

When will ppl learn….

I want to scream hard

Ppl still think some England weirdo wid funky hair is cool

Have u forgotten everything???
His ancestors murdered thousands of ur family members damn it!!
Go to hell