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Monday, February 06, 2006

Irfan Pathan

Still considered a kid i think this guy has got some Guts man... he sure is the future captain of India i can say. To my belief i think this guy has never underperformed. Every singlematch his contribution has been evident and i couldn't just bear to see that today his effort went in vain when Pakistan(unceremoniously?) wonthe first ODI. I am so grieved by this that can't gulp any food down. i did not like the way PAkistan won the game, they literally ran off the field when offered light but had it been that India would be winning they would have stayed on the field till they would have died-Rascals. I admire Irfan Pathan who has silently taken the all-rounder's burden and still manages to be modest.Indiaafter a long time have found agenuine all-rounder in this guy. He after Kapil Dev is the only guy who comes in at any position to bat and can also ball great In swinging yorkers. Insipidly thoughI think media still hasn'thyped this kidthat much. I mean what are they waiting for "RAINS"??


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