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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Unending love (part 1)

Dreams are seen so that they some day may become true and so that when you realise them you sit back and look at life and are proud of the way you have lived it. Vivek was the guy who lived for his dreams and who knew what it was to achieve a certain level of respect in the society. He wanted to go to the top, to the highest level of sane education and make the world realise that he was the best, he wanted to make his parents proud. he loved his parents and his elder sister too.
Vivek's elder sister Veena was the best sibling you would ever like to have. She was the smartest, the most talented and a treasure of inspiration. Being one year elder was good in its own ways. the brother and sister unlike others loved each other dearly and there was a different sort of understanding between them. they knew each other's secrets and they always shared everything, yes everything even their dreams. Veena too at one time wanted to be a doctor but she missed out at the last moments of the examination but was still brave enough to accept the fact that she had lost on one year.
Vivek was smart, well-behaved, a go-getter and an allrounder and the girls always fell for him. he had the best of everything and so was his girlfriend. Veena was a little worried about her little brother. they shared an unbreakable bond between them something that even the sciences wouldn't be able to explain, something that when it comes you know its the work of God. Veena wanted that Vivek should concentrate more on studies for the time-being and so she managed to convince her parents to send him to a hostel. Although against his wishes Vivek decided to go. Veena was happy that her brother had accepted her decision but from the inside she was also unhappy to be separated from her brother. Vivek knew it was his crucial year and so he decided to give his full devotion to his studies.
Such was their love that every night the brother and sister used to talk to each other and share their thoughts. they always knew when and where they needed each other. The sister was busy preparing again for her exams and so was the brother.Vivek was always intelligent enough to understand his sister but somehere down the line he never knew that although his sister was determined to become a doctor why she didn't give the exams..


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