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Friday, February 03, 2006


well what used to be one of the most feared names at one point of time is now in ruins somewhere even where GOD must have been bored enough and given up. Hiding in deserts under 45 degree temperatures and still managing to run from the American soldiers (assuming he's still in afghanistan) is not an easy job.we as Indians think of him as one of the worst ever terrorists who used Jihad as a weapon to procure a part of India. Kashmir issue wasn't as big as these people have now made it using the sentiments of the youth. Pride and loving sentiments toward one's country have been altered and used to carry out the plans of politicians who want to stay in power. Mr. pervez Musharraf once said in an interview that"No politician can survive in Pakistan if he drops the Kashmir issue."Somewhat i think the military rule has been prevailing in Pakistan due to the fact that a lot of hype towards Pakistani soldiers and their sacrifices were used as terror weapons and india was targetted for procurrment of land which could never be theirs. I personally think that the war between countries has to be there. the feelings of the people come out through these wars and the Ravans are killed.what do we as Indians first think of Osama?someone who funds terrorist organisation and someone who keeps the agitation going, someone who disturbs the peace of two countries so easily as if breaking a Koala nut(with due respect to Okonkwo).I mean to say.. break the jinx of a normal Indian and think out of the way.. what if this guy would have been born in INDIA, imagine the qualities he has. he sure would have been a threat to Lalu Prasad Yadav and that i am sure. Imagine how he convinces a thousnad people in their teens to sacrifice their life. think about the guy convincing numerous people to keep their personal lives on hold and fight for what they don't even properly know about. The training camps near the borders of India and Pakistan are said to be the most snsitive parts where in one call for Jihad inspires a thunderous crowd.for those who've seen 911 documentary this guy is seem to be linked with the current President of the most powerful country in the world right now and no one has been able to do anything about it. i mean to say think about the guy making billions of dollars in his oil fields in IRAQ and then funding this money to the youth of pakistan. think about his character outline. a guy in his twenties from a country like Afghanistan which has 90% of the land as a desert coming to a position where in he challenges the republic of the USA!I seriously admire the guts of this guy. he sure seems a weirdo, but when you think of the cause he's fighting for you get the different idea.
let me explain you a little on how Jihad started. Jihad was actually a term used in Urdu and Arabic as a term for revolution and was picked from the holy 'Quran'. in the Quran it was mentioned that a revolution will come which will make all people of the earht believe in religion and god. but the term never meant:1. procurring of land.2. to save one's religion or force it on someone else.3. to give your life for your motherland4. to follow religion and even kill someone for it
But what Osama (first time m taking his name correctly) has done is altered the facts to his advantage. he was in his childhood subject to everyday lectures on how his religion is in Danger from the christians. fromt the people who wanted to create a drift of population towards christianity. those people who never admired equality or even practised it, people who felt the skin colour was more important than humanity and people who considered themselves superior though they were at a much worse situation a few decades back.the attrocities these people have done on Philipinos, vietnamese and currently Iraqis are unforgivable and someone, someone with the skills like that of Osama needed to tell them that they could also infiltrate their home base and shocked the whole world. i was one of the happiest people who still thinks that the Americans who never stop creating a rift between India and Pakistan are a bigger threat to the security of the nation than once our brothers- The pakistanis .Hats off to Osama and i hope sometime in my life i get a glimpse of this guy.


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