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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I was in for a rude shock today, had never thought that it would be like this but i swear i will always avoid local train travel in future particularly during these peak hours. A trip to Phoenix mills though alone was always meant to be fun but the trouble started when i decided to come back. The trains were literally fucked up, i mean how much population does Mumbai have? It was like total chaos and i left one train thinking i would wait for another. But it was ridiculous to see humans trying to get into the train like herds of sheep being flocked together. From Currey road I wanted to get down at Kurla and i got screwed big time. Just couldn't imagine that instead Kurla would mean more people trying to barge in rather get out. The scene was actually funny, some people blaming the government, some blaming the BIHARIS ( the shiv soldiers), some blaming their own fate and some cursing their own freaked out lives. Still i thought India is the best and there can be no place like India where in you can relish on a Rs. 3 vada pav and go home stomach full.
The solution lies in the problem itself
1. More boggies should be attached in one train.
2. Currently there are trains in 4 minutes during peak hours which should be slashed by half.
4. Stop abusing people from other regions.
5. Other states should also have a city like Mumbai.


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