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Monday, February 20, 2006

1+1=11 (part 1)

Litap said to Hkumhsed .. why don't u go and work somewhere to atleast take care of yourself, is that too much for you??
Hkumhsed yawned and sternly looked at Litap.. glanced at his watch and looked disgusted...
"Eh, you had to wake me up early you.. you.. ah ferget it... bloody hell...$!#*&"
"Work u pesty little idiot" or else this time too you will have to beg for grains from Ednap!"
"f*#k o#* I don't care a damn, ah!! see what you've done here, you've made me spill my tea."
"Anyways Hkumhsed, it was my duty and the interest of my father to have a check on you but as usual you seem uninterested.. so be it."
"yea!! now move it, go get yourself some shit from that Epajnarap who does nothing but bosses you around... I'd better commit suicide than listen to that piece of mustard layered s**t!!"
"Atleast I don't dream of making millions and bet on the share market like there's no tomorrow, Bhabhiji give some of your wit to him too.." saying so Litap left....

Litap is the good guy of my story, yes the protagonist, but he ain't so good that he could bear insults on his face and still manage to help others.. He is a guy who will go mighty low even below his dignity to help people.. but his had gone too far...

Litap's father and Hkumhsed's father were best friends and now Hkumhsed's father was not alive to correct his only son who was failing everywhere even to earn his daily bread.. Meanwhile Hkumhsed's wife was able enough to earn herself and her family atleast a sufficient meal twice a day by making tiffin's in the area providing near-by office goers their lunch. Hkumhsed had lost everything almost his house too in trading shares... he still believes his luck will shine some day...

NOW the story starts...


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