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Friday, February 17, 2006

Tall boy vs Low beauty


Was too convinced that this is the car for my family and somehow convinced my dad to buy a HYUNDAI Santro instead of the trusted MARUTI Zen and am now repenting on the issue. Here’s the catch between the two trusted cars in the Indian market.

Maruti boasts of a complete spread of dealer network around the whole country whereas Hyundai though a growing company has select dealers across the country.
Maruti Zen the competent in our case with Hyundai Santro sits low and thus has more stability at a higher velocity
Zen achieves speeds of more than 100 much more easily than Santro- a basic need for highways where the buyer might want a better riding car.
Santro starts vibrating at speeds of 120 and 130 as though its on 160 and 170 kmph
The centre of gravity for Santro is at a higher level than Zen, this is very bad for Indian roads. I realized that when there are uneven roads the whole backside of the Santro jumps and shifts aside if the speed is about 50 kmph or more. Very dangerous for a mid-sized car, maybe better car analysts will agree.
Santro when the engine starts getting old starts giving lesser mileage. As for Zen, it delivers a consistent performance.
A plus point for Santro is that it has better handling and a much smoother pick-up and is a true champion on city roads better than Zen for sure.
My verdict: if anyone of you reading this goes to buy a car, do pay a heed to other car analysts as well.

Note: Some of the flaws seen in Santro exist in Wagon R too.


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