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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

1+1=11 (part 2)

"Please help me, I don't know what to do with him. My hands have gone sore cooking Rotis whole day and still the income is just enough to keep us alive. I'm disgusted with this man, he does nothing the whole day and at night wants me to give him my day's income so that he can go and get his wine. When will our worries end? I've lost hope totally and I don't know what to do. Itknap and Nahor have no future, their school fees is due and I don't think they will be allowed to give exams this year. I think suicide will be the best option for me didi."
"Don't worry God will take care of everything," wipes her tears.

Just then Litap walks in and sees tears in the eyes of his Bhabhi. He loves his Bhabhi and respects her as he knows what she has gone through and how strong a woman she is.

"Why dont you ask him to start something? He is an able man and still doesn't wanna do anything, what reason does he give?"
"He says I don't want to work under anyone and after that he always get disgusted and walks out of the house. In the morning he repents misbehaving with his family and apologises but to repeat the same later in the day. What should I do now Litap ji? I'm in despair, Ive come to you to pull me out of this quicksand..."
"Why don't you ask him what he likes? Or what he wants to do independently? Rather than waste his time in thinking he can make a quick buck let him do something that interests him."
"Yes but where will the finance come from anyway to start something? We are in ruins Litap ji"
"Don't you worry Bhabhiji I will finance your husband but only if he comes up with something good this time, I promise."
"Thank you Litap ji, maybe there is light at the end of this tunnel for us, I will ask him tonight if he wants to do something, I' leave now, kids must have come home. Thank you again Litap ji, you are the only one who understands my state."
"Its ok Bhabhiji, I'm also worried about Itknap and Nahor, they must continue studying."

That night she prepared herself to talk to Hkumhsed and also decided that she will do something about this sorry situation she was in.

"Aoy, Give me some money!"
"So what work do you want to do?"
"Don't act smart, you can't get over this topic, can you?"
"NO! Today I want an answer! I'm frustrated with this life and I want it to end now."
"aaaahhh, these women... I have told you the market will go up this week, maybe we can do something about it.."
"NO, I want an answer today or you get nothing, you want to work independently don't you? I've got a financer."
I want to work, I have so many ideas in my mind, I want to start a jewellery shop but this will take too much finance, where will you arrange that from? Have you taken to prostitution?"
"Shut up! And mind your tongue you drunkard, I'm doing this for my kids, Hail Unhsiv!"
" So who's going to finance me? I'm already in debts.."
"Don't u care, but are you willing to devote your time to work hard?"
"ya ya now give me some money!"

This is the current situation of almost all households in small towns.. the wife has to bear it all for the husband, because she is nothing without her husband. Divorces here are rare and seldom talked about.. they would rather die than divorce. Here a rich friend is helping his friend and his Bhabhi to manage terms with life...


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