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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

1+1=11 (part 3)

Litap keeps his promise to his Bhabhi and gives her a loan of 2 lacs, but doesn't let Hkumhsed know who the financer was..

The guy starts with analysing emeralds and sapphires.... and slowly begins to provide his family with money...
He establishes a name in the market and people start trusting his skill... He starts polishing diamonds, cuts them and sells them.. within 3 to 4 years he becomes able enough to open his own jewellery store.. He becomes responsible and also stops drinking because he becomes free of his worries... His family rises from Rags to Riches...

But he still doesn't hold a good opinion about Litap, he always thinks that Litap was a foe in the disguise of a friend and they still move away from each other in social circuits and parties.

Meanwhile Litap goes down a bit and his lifestyle changes, he remains well enough due to his heridated wealth but his own identity was in danger...

" I think it is time I told you about Litap."
"Eh... what about him?"
"He has been good to us all along and you've never even cared to enquire about them. A friend in need is a friend indeed."
" Ah so now he needs my help and he's approaching me from you? Do i need to learn morals from you?"
" No you don't need to, but he's been with us all along and he loves Ithknap and Nahor too.. Atleast now you should not be jealous of him."
"Jealous? Who's jealous?"
"It was him who helped us in the first place..."
"Help? are you telling me he's helped us? What did he do for us? gone aound telling everyone that I was good for nothing? Taunted me for not working? For laughing behind my back? Is that what you call help?"
"No... .... ... He ...errr...No.. I've got to say it now.... He was the one who helped us in our time of need... He was the Financer!"

Hkumhsed was shocked and for a few days he didn't want to show his face to anyone. He was too embarassed to face Litap. But eventually he did and then he also helped his friend whole heartedly....They both teamed up and did business together and now are the leading families in the town...


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