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Friday, March 24, 2006

Ads I liked..

Normally I like all ads which are targetted at a youthful audience for example the Sania Mirza Sprite ad and the ad where a young family guy buys a Sony handycam and it is still as good as new when his son is getting married.. But there are still better ads which I continuosly like, it may not be a Tv commercial for example the AMUL ads where there is a bread and butter comment on any and every recent controversy.. such ads make my day!!

Now the current westernization due to the growth of malls in India and new and even small brands which have failed to gather a market abroad are coming to India and are fluorishing... Moreover there are countless brands coming over and advertising and I didn't know P&G owned both Head&Shoulders and Pantene, I really thought they were brands from rival companies...

But a recent ad caught my attention so much so that I love it every time I watch it. Its the ad where the Tea Authority of India wants to tell all the Indians that westernising isn't cool and drinking coffee will only make matters complex so rather drink tea and enjoy life... The ad tell you that two guys are discussing about the morning and complimenting on the weather and are not able to express their feeling in pretext of acting like the western people meaning- They drink Coffee. And on the contrary people who drink Tea enjoy their lives and hardly care about anything else, they meet ecstatically and then make fun of the other two guys who are trying to say ' Barmy morning, nice weather' and stuff...

Clear message... best ad...


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