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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Dedicated to the politicians..

  • NO(absolutely NO) comments are required from anonymous people on this article...
  • nerds might refer to the RED herring prospectus...
  • let us start now

apparently saw Rang de basanti might be wondering that exams are a day away and this dude is watching movies dhan-a-dhan..dhan...dhan.. wateva'. the sole reason is that the movie is stored on my comp and I keep listening to the songs wid the videos to keep myself busy(obviously when am studying). its 1 in the morning and i think i ain't gonna study pol science now. so as i've already watched the movie 6 times this time i actually noticed some flaws..yea had time to notice them..not big bloopers though...hota hai..bolywood mein...

  • if the guy is bearing the brunt of SIMON coming to AMRITSAR why is HE still there?
  • the guy here is the firangee girl's father' father(behen di takki)
  • if he is in delhi chasing Chandrashekhar Azad what is he doing post Jalianwala Bagh?
  • if the guy is in amritsar how is he torturing the people in jail?
  • when the hindu muslim guys get ripped off by a grenade why doesn't the wooden door shatter?
  • if the wooden door doesn't shatter how do nails and sharpenels pierce them?
  • the girl(behen di takki) makes a documentary..uska kya? she settles in india.. documentary humko dikhayegi kya?
  • as in we've already seen MANGAL PANDEY sister!! we've had enough!!
  • thats it i think! pretty good concept though.. movie HIT hai boss...
  • hope it inspires some politicians to resign(in ur dreams!!)

apparently BUSH decided that he wanted to get pampered.. so he came to India signed a deal that would benfit him more than us.. has made AUSSIES think abt givin us URANIUM at unbelievable prices(unbelievable=exhorbitant). and left.

then he decides he needs more pampers..ooops pampering.. so he goes to PAK...

as usual MUSH licks BUSH...

thats about it!

god bless u

and ya.. what are u waiting for?the red herring prospectus ain't here u NERD!!


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