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Monday, March 20, 2006


Yea, the exams are gone and the vacations are here.. but lots of people are trying for internships and everybody will have to work hard in these vacations but still yaar, its a new experience and its fun.
I had decided will write about my exams only after the papers end. So here it is,the papers were nice and were as I had expected them to be but the marketing paper and the psychology paper were not practical at all! marketing had total bookish approach with no case studies. same was the case with psychology.. I had expected better... anyways I will score real low because I have more practical knowledge on the 4 P's and it might not work...
In short all papers were ok and now expecting to work in any company and gain some first-hand experience. Basically wanna earn some pocket money!!

Went for a movie today-BROKEBACK MOUNTAINS with friends and had fun..(except for the movie).
I thought comments from my friend sitting besides me were 10 times better than the dialogues in the flick... The only thing I liked about the movie was thousands of sheep walking along the brokeback mountains...fantabulous. The locations were super.The movie though is a big NO-NO!!

then also went around hunting for a gaming CD and we realised capaholic was fishing for caps in the end rather than SOCCER 06. Saw nice girls and foreigners and kept walking along deeper into VT and saw some amazing antiques and really good bazaars (apparently for girls) along the way.. really throw away prices..thats super kewl in my book..



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