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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Why America signed the Nuclear deal...

Bush wanted a holiday so he chalks out a big strategy...

a triple threat plan...

  • nail the Indians on the mat by getting their nuclear info
  • get some problems from other countries like PAK,AUS, etc.
  • Get a nice vacation

So how does he go about it?

Remember, he has to convince America's congress that he's doing the right thing by managing a Nuclear deal with the country which is very influential ont he economy of the US.

So he arrives in India and the talks start, Indians take it as a golden oppurtunity to advance in terms of nuclear programmes and use more of nuclear energy in near future. India are aware that this also means they have to separate the Defence nuclear programmes and the commercial nuclear programmes by 2010.

America think that if India start using nuclear fuel then,

India have to buy expensive fuel from Australia, Aus have 40% of the nuclear fuel in the world.

India will definitely relieve some pressure on the ongoing fuel demand, where the demand is more than the supply and the prices are going to soar to 70$ per barrel.

India will evoke jealousy from Pakistan(who are already jealous wid Dhoni's hairstlye).

So America get a peep into India's nuclear resources and they get a lifetime free vacation for Jr.G.W.Bush.


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