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Friday, May 12, 2006

don't expect what I xpect from you.. think what you expect from me and then i might consider giving u what u expect from me

DID you get that?? Me neither... so stop thinking B'cause I don't mean anything... seriously.. some dozen days of interns have nearly ruined my thinking capacity.

Same old everyday 8.48 train and same old crowd... guys can u imagine I hav made friends in the crowd who catch a seat for me ? Same old ads in the boggie to stare at... same old Babus pushing for more space seating 4 on the space of 3 and same old crowd standing on the window bars hanging on their bare little fingers yelling 'OYE GANPAT MAJHA BAG GHE'.
Its a routine so don't panic yet... I'm not completely insane as of now..

The desperation, frustration and the crowded Kurla station.. all the ion's in my life are causing a lot of trouble in my tiy li'l head rite now... Now I understand why people get frustrated. When I see people in the BPO's and the MNC's relishing on to heavy salaries and compare them with the clerk in my firm I completely understand the difference. My clerk a stupid fellow, Let me tel u about him. He has one child(thankfully), earns 3000 rupees per month and curses the 1000 rupees he has to sacrifice to the agency that employed him. Now he is a very jovial typo the one who keeps the office running and smilin'. Yup the ideal assistant and helper the Boss needs yaar.

When I put myself in his place I see pure BULL SHIT. If I would hav been in his place I would have long ago kicked my own ass of the cliff, but here is a guy who is very sad with his handful salary but still manages to make everyone happy with his always smilin face.

Who will go to heaven? Me or him?

Such things keep creepin up in my mind...

BMM student... eh??

is that gonna work in heaven????

Being a BMM student I keep noticin ads ad stuff...
Take my train bogie for instance..


What does a guy earning 2000 bucks a month do? invest 11 bucks? or save it for a couple of vada pavs?

Nah... we'll sacrifice the vada-pav...

Maybe I can win the lottery!!

Hmmmm.... :)

11 bucks gone in the bin.

Maybe I will win tomorrow...


chuck it...
I'd rather travel by bus wen my college starts...



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